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Glazier / Glazier and Metal Worker / Welder / Metal Specialist, Welder /

Brooklyn based Glass & Metal Factory is hiring an experienced Glazier / Metal Worker / Installer

Call if you have 5 years and up experience in either field.

Call 917-297-8134

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Construction company is recruiting staff with experience

Construction company (interior decoration of hotels)
gaining employees with experience (putty, tile, wallpaper, etc.)

Work in different states (current facilities Indianapolis, IN; Panama City, FL; Johnson City, TN; San-Francisco, CA; NJ, PA&GA)
Housing is provided at the expense of the company.
60 hours a week, $ 15 + / hour to start

Tel 407-960-9026 Oleg

Kitchen Assistant

A neat, attentive, physically strong kitchen installation assistant is required. Work in various areas of Manhattan from 9 to 5.
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Plumbers required by a licensed plumbing company

Plumbers required by a licensed plumbing company
with a minimum of 7 years of experience in America,
with tools and a 30-hour OSHA certificate.
Good pay per check.
A licensed plumbing company is looking for plumbers
with a minimum of 7 year experience in the US, their own tools and a 30 hour OSHA certification. Good pay on check.
Telephone (718) 891-2800 7AM to 5PM


Are required

A guy needs a delivery pizzeria; delivery is done on an electric motorcycle. Mostly everything is nearby. Good earnings from $ 800-1100 per week. (5-6 days. People are required to deliver food documents of medicines with their own transport (scooter, car, electric motorcycle, etc.). Payment for each delivery. For furniture production in NJ, a manager for a warehouse of $ 850-1000 a week is required, as well as a guy or girl at customer servece $ 600–750 cash / check. Specialist is required to disassemble cars in near New Jersey, transport from Brooklyn. Knowing the device of a car is mandatory. Salary when fulfilling the norm is $ 140- $ 220 per day. Men are required to work for a position CABLE TECHNICIAN , and also requires a manager with work experience of $ 2500 per week. Work on connecting clients to the Internet, cable television and a home telephone. Stable salaries from $ 1300 to $ 2100 per week. Each person who comes to the company is given a bonus of $ 600. 347-320-2693, 646-301-3044 . THE AIR CONDITIONERS INSTALLATION COMPANY IS TAKING PEOPLE URGENTLY. NO WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. ALL YOU WILL BE TRAINED. Cash / check. $ 16-30 v chas.B video camera installation company Observations are required specialists and assistants payment of 18 per hour and above. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens. A construction company requires Welders specialists and assistants: Electricians, Carpenters, Tilers, Plumbers, etc. From $ 150 to $ 300 depending on your experience. Cash / Check .. And also there is work with accommodation. (Accommodation is free) In the furniture industry, specialists and assistants are urgently needed. You are taken to work and brought to work. Good conditions and payment. $ 17-30 v chas. Cash / check. Men are required in the product processing workshop. The work is simple, no experience is required, you will be trained. Good conditions and payment. Cash / check, A serious American Electrical Company requires specialists and assistants with American experience. Cash / check.

To a ventilating / ducting company

To a manufacturing company
ventilation systems / ducts
workers are required
Documents are required.
(718) 376-2046