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We recruit Russian-speaking Actresses and simply talented girls without experience in the Brooklyn Theater for the musical comedy performance "Bachelorette Party", the possession of vocal abilities and choreography is a big plus salary of $ 200 per hour. Registration for tests. 718-879-0694

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We recruit Russian-speaking Actresses and just talented girls without experience in the Brooklyn Theater for the musical comedy performance "Bachelorette Party", the possession of vocal skills and choreography is a big plus for a salary of $ 200 per hour. Registration for tests. 718-879-0694

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Voodoo magic. Love spell for men. Love spell Girls. Black Magic Rites. Energy Cleansing. Damage to the Rival.

I provide a full range of magical services, solve important life issues with the help of strong magic. I am a practicing black witch, my experience to date is over 13 years. In addition to the ancestral gift that I inherited in my family, I was trained by the best shamans and sorcerers in the world, I have developed author's methods and only an individual approach. From myself I guarantee that I will bring to the desired result, after consultation and diagnostics, I select rituals and rituals specifically for your situation. My magic is without sin of consequences for you, I energetically close my work, no one will be able to view it. Example of Services: - Energy and Ancestral cleansing at all levels, Deep Works of the Family and Karma. - Removal and Induction of Damage / Evil Eye, Elimination of 3 persons (mistress / lover, husband / wife, relatives, employees at work, envious people, gossips) I spend energy weakening and ill-wishers leave you alone, or your chosen one. - Love Magic, Love Spells, Relationship Harmonization, Black Wedding, Intimate Attachment, Quick Attachment and Same Sex Love Spells. - I will return the husband / wife to the family, complete restoration and development of relationships. - Diagnosis and Removal of the Crown of Celibacy and the Seal of Loneliness. - Energy Protection, Mirror Protection, Energy Protection for the whole Family, Protection from Damage and Love spell, Magical Protection for Property and Business. - Relocation to Another Body, Immersion in Past Lives, Work with Karmic Knots. - Magic of Money, Rites for Wealth, Opening of Financial Flows. - For women, I have my own methods for raising intimate and feminine energy. What does it give? Men run in herds, solve your problems, give money, even a sleeping husband for 20 years in the corner suddenly comes to life and your relationship takes on a new level. I RECOMMEND! Now is a very difficult time, for all people on the planet everywhere there are wars, viruses, a danger to us and to our family, in order for you to be calm and confident in the future of yourself and your family, I put an ENERGY SHIELD. Beware of Charlatans, work with energy and magic should only be done by a qualified specialist, as the consequences can be very bad. Also, there is no result in 3 days, the terms are always discussed, but any ceremony and complex of rituals needs its own time. I give my rules which must be strictly adhered to, this is your responsibility. Be clear about your request before contacting. Contact me: +380687075240 - Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram @alexandrataro [email protected]