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Lymphatic drainage facial massage

I offer hardware lymphatic drainage massage for the face and neck - one in Brooklyn!!!!!! It gives facial lifting, fine wrinkles are smoothed out, a fresh look, smoother skin (additional peeling), treatment of the entire face and neck. The skin glows and looks younger. The result is noticeable IMMEDIATELY!

Hairdresser, keratin and botox

I suggest: -Botox for hair (does not straighten but smoothes by 30%) the hair is soft, not tangled, vibrant, ideal after complex coloring. - Keratin hair straightening - hair is straight, tangle-free, shiny - The studio is located at 1009 Brighton beach ave

eyelash extension

Dear New York girls

hairdressing services

Hairdressing services with and without travel (Brooklyn) 15 years of experience! hair botox, treatment - restoration (not injections) keratin hair straightening with collagen haircuts, women's, men's, children's complex coloring (highlights) coloring in one tone (roots, along the entire length) bixiplasty (straightening + restoration)

Looking for a job as a hairdresser, license, 20 years of experience

Hairdresser (men's, women's) looking for part-time employment. Have a license, 20 years of experience. (201) 401-9258 Lyudmila

Models needed for gel manicure

Need models for gel manicure. Manicures are done by students of our salon. The procedure is free. Takes longer than usual.

Office for rent in a beauty salon

Room for rent in a beauty salon. Can be used for massage, eyelash extensions, cosmetology and other procedures. The salon is located in BayRidge, Brooklyn. Corner building, convenient transport location. Call or text for price.

Universal hairdresser, manicurist

Hello, My name is Mukhayo, I am a general hairdresser with 12 years of experience. Due to the recruitment of a client base!!! Dear girls and boys ❤️ I offer beauty services at sweet prices

Spacious room for rent for beauty services in Manhattan, $1400

Ideal location, clean building for offices and beauty services, with a concierge, ventilation and heating, WiFi, excellent lighting, waiting area for your clients. Price: $1400, all bills included!

Training in color and haircuts.

Inst: @lily.hairartist_nyc Stylist courses. Hair coloring, haircuts, treatments and hairstyles. Training takes place in Manhattan. 11 years of experience. Championship winner.

Top barber working

Hi all! I am a professional Barber! I have 6 years of experience in different countries. Check out my Instagram with my work here

Elena Gel Manicure

Dear girls, I invite you to gel manicure. I remove the coating of another master, cuticle treatment, shape and manicure with gel polish. First Visit only $45 Only NON-TOXIC varnishes are used. Employment about 2-2.5 hours All instruments are sterilized according to standards. Area Brooklyn NY

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experienced male masters, barbers - girls and boys

The salon in Manhattan will hire men's haircutters, both girls and boys, who must have experience (possible in your own country) and a portfolio (you can provide photos of your work on your phone). Knowledge of English is not required, the main thing is work experience. We will definitely interview everyone, thank you, best regards Alena

Barbershop Tashkent

Create your own style with Tashkent Barber Shop!
Classic shaving, fashionable haircuts, hot towels, beard and mustache care, beard and hair coloring!
Trust the professionals and feel like a real Gentleman!
10% discount from this ad.
1809 Avenue M, Brooklyn, New York, 917-770-5939
BayParkway, Brooklyn, New York, 718-256-3571


hairdressing services

I offer - botox for hair (not injections) - hair treatment (nourishes, moisturizes, it does not tangle)

Joseph`s Professional Beauty Salon


Brooklyn manicure

Hi all! I invite you to a manicure with gel polish. I work with quality materials. Sterilization + disposable consumables. Price 45 $ Bensonhurst, zip 11204 To sign up, write in a personal message My Instagram
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