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Education & SportCoach - looking for a job/wanted

Swimming lessons

Open now for open water swimming lessons... morning and evening sessions... children and adults. $20 45 min group lessons!

Chess for any age.

Coach-teacher, international chess master. During the summer holidays, I will teach you and your child how to play chess. You will be proud of your child's success in the chess field.

Chess coach

Good afternoon, my name is Abuladze Lana, I am a FIDE Chess Master, 4-time Russian champion, winner of international competitions, participant in the European and World Championships. Higher psychological and pedagogical education, courses in psychology at Yale University. More than 14 years of experience. She worked with outstanding coaches of the Soviet Union.

Need a gymnastics coach

An experienced rhythmic gymnastics coach is required to work with children from family age and older. Knowledge of rules and drawing up routines is desirable. Call any time 3477373338, 9172266897


Certified trainer Work experience - 8 years Training experience - 14 years NASM (American coaching accreditation) Certificate in process I work with physical and mental condition. The first changes in appearance, mood and psychological state will be noticeable within a month. Directions - fat burning/muscle mass gain/figure correction/posture correction/general physical training. I train in Brighton in a private gym. I can come to you in Manhattan if there is a gym in the building or training in the fresh air. I can also offer online management. Our interaction includes creating a nutrition program to suit your goals. I will provide a free consultation via PM or telegram before the start of classes. I bring my work to fruition. @merzeey - telegram

Individual kickboxing training (fitness)

A world champion with a pedagogical education will come to you and conduct personal training in various areas (striking, fitness, crossfit)!!! Result 100%

Individual kickboxing training (fitness)

Personal lessons!!! I will select a training program for you, everything will be effective and not boring... that's for sure!!!

Individual kickboxing training (fitness)

Personal training of various directions from the World Champion in kickboxing, with a pedagogical education!!! Physical education, boxing, kickboxing, fitness, crossfit. ❗️I’ll come to you and conduct a training session (I’ll tailor a plan to suit you) For all ages

Individual kickboxing training (fitness)

Personal training of various directions from the World Champion in kickboxing, with a pedagogical education!!! ❗️I’ll come to you and conduct a training session (I’ll tailor a plan to suit you) For all ages

I'm looking for a male trainer. guy or man

maneten you open mayend know about the wild rasyatzhka I’m 33 maxim

A personal trainer licensed in the USA is looking for clients.

Classes will take place either at your gym or at Blink. The prices are very reasonable. You will gain knowledge, develop a new habit and see results in a few months.

I am looking for a job as a kindergarten teacher.

Pedagogical education, all documents are available, I love children, music education. 5415913554 Brooklyn.

Stretching lessons online and offline for girls and women. Brooklyn

Dear girls and women! My name is Polina and I am a stretching teacher. I offer individual lessons both online and offline. Not expensive! I want to help you not only make your body flexible, but also so that you fall in love with the process of stretching itself. For more information, call (516) 847 - 4108. Brooklyn

Group training today outdoors STATEN ISLAND

Hi all! I'm putting together a group for group training in nature. We will do various physical activities and enjoy the fresh air together.

need a trainer in Manhattan. Strictly an athlete. 3-4 times a week.

From April 26, we need a good coach in Manhattan. workouts 3-4 times a week. you are strictly athletic. not interesting: nutrition, life lessons, etc. Only training. We’ll discuss the time + we need to understand what kind of gym it is or where we’ll be training. You are preferably male. wild/open malend telegram @kepasokepaso

Personal trainer for fitness and bodybuilding.

I live in Brooklyn on Avenue Z. I work out at the Match Point fitness club. I have been working as a trainer for 12 years. It is not just the training that is important, but the result itself is important. You pay me for my time as compensation. The real reward for a coach is the result of the coachee.

Personal trainer for fitness and bodybuilding.

An experienced fitness trainer who loves his job. He is well acquainted with biomechanics, nutritional science and the endocrine system. If you want a good turnkey figure, then feel free to contact us. Preferably Brooklyn.

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons for all levels and ages. Going to the sauna and steam room for aroma therapy. $20 for one hour in a group.

Individual kickboxing training (fitness)

Personal training in kickboxing, physical education for health, fitness! Any age, any level of training! Don't forget to take time to be active for your health!!! Coach: world champion with pedagogical education!!!in sports for more than 25 years

need a coach from April 26 to September 1 in Manhattan

I’m looking for an intelligent trainer for classes 3-4 times a week strictly in Manhattan, you’re athletic, not a chatterbox (they’re only interested in training and not the teaching of life, etc., not interested in nutrition, amount of protein, etc.) you don’t sit on the phone during training, you’re completely involved in the process , we don’t train together, you’re the coach, I train. if you're a male, it's even cooler. I adore males, I'll have to find a room (or the one you're already in)
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