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Education & SportCoach - looking for a job/wanted

We are two professional rhythmic gymnastics coaches from Ukraine offering private lessons for girls aged 4 to 10. (stretching, acrobatics, work on correct posture) 3322079794 - Natalia

Fitness training in the park

Hello everyone, my name is Natalia! I am a fitness trainer with 11 years of experience. Let me help you get your body in shape. I make up workouts for people with varying degrees of preparedness, I make programs for the gym. We will pay special attention in training to posture correction, remove the withers, tighten and dry the muscles. Let's make a meal plan. For more information in PM or on WhatsApp by phone + 1 629 608 6628

Japanese martial art of self-defense

Japanese martial art of self-defense
Classes are taught by Sensei, black belt, 3 Dan Anri Georginy,
whose teacher is Keiji Tomiyama, 8 Dan
Classes are conducted in Japanese terminology
(717) 701-3000


sports activities

I am looking for a person who lives near Brighton to conduct sports activities on the Boardwalk with an elderly man to strengthen muscles and improve health.

Looking for a youth coach

Looking for a personal trainer for 2 teenage boys for fitness exercises at our home