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Course "Portfolio Crypto Investor"

Practice with us “I studied the database, but still I don’t understand where to move on, how to collect a portfolio, and also a small deposit, I’m afraid to drain it” The best “cure” for doubts is always practice. Because stomping on theory only feeds fear + you waste time. And practicing with experts is prohibitively expensive. I set the task: to give such a practice that you buy your first crypto, and also collect a long-term portfolio with the potential to grow up to 3-10 times with us. That same invisible shoulder of support that I myself didn’t have at the beginning: What format? - 45 days of clear practice. Who are the curators? - I personally + crypto experts from different areas will answer all your questions. Result? - Safe "assembly" of the first crypto-portfolio for a long time. ❗️ How much will participation cost? $75 The program is 90% ready, we will determine the price together with you - be sure to vote in the poll.

A complete set of 11 textbooks for the CPA exam.

A complete set of 11 textbooks for the CPA exam. 2010. Published by PriceWaterHouseCooper. Please send a text message. I'll call you back. Thank you!

#IT_courses in Russian in New York

Specialists of IT companies have developed training programs and will act as trainers for courses preparing for professions: UI / UX designer, programmer, software tester, game or mobile application developer. All these courses are available in offline and online formats at the LOOK AT PRO Education Training Center yourself in freelance projects! For all courses, a 20% discount for the first month of training!

Course "Portfolio Crypto Investor"

Module 1. Here is an introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies, how the blockchain works, the relationship between risk and return, how to create an account on the exchange and a crypto wallet. How to deposit fiat, exchange, and withdraw cryptocurrency. Module 2. Information about earnings and the structure of the crypto market, drawing up a crypto portfolio, asset selection rules. Further topics from the first paragraph of the post, investment strategy, psychology and security. The duration of the course is 6 weeks and there will be 10 places in total, an approach to each student individually + there will be one closed chat for communication!

I write essays on various topics.

There is very little time left before the start of the fall semester. I write essays, essays and dissertations (PhD) on various topics in the following areas: social work, psychology, nursing, special education, pictural art (painting). Over 20 years of experience. Prices vary depending on the program, the level of difficulty and the subject itself. Call any day from 10 am to 9 pm (917) 698-5862 or whats app Alexey

Professional training in cosmetology

INGA Cosmo School and cosmetologist-teacher Inga
with extensive experience in Europe and America
Announces a set for professional training in cosmetology!
When ordering before August 1 - 10% discount!!!
(347) 252-6666


Help to get (nationally accredited) bachelor's degree in 2 years

Write/call WhatsApp +1-347-488-9479

If you are tired of looking for minimum wage jobs online and want a real education and a real career, look no further. Many people would like to get a master's degree in physical therapy (annual salary is $80k+), or get an MBA, or go to a school of dentistry (annual salary is $125k+); all of these careers, however, require you to have a bachelor's degree. Unfortunately, many people don't have the time or (especially) the money to earn a bachelor's degree. UoPeople is the university that changed that. It is a nationally accredited American university, founded by Israeli businessman Shai Reshef, where tuition is free; In other words, you only pay for the exam.

Recommended number of lessons: 2 per semester if full time student, and 1 if part time student. However, students have the option of taking a maximum of 4 lessons per semester. This means that if you take 4 lessons per semester, you can get a bachelor's degree in 2 years. This is where I come in. Many people don't have the time or knowledge of English to get a bachelor's degree. I personally completed my Bachelor of Business Administration degree from UoPeople and I myself will be pursuing a Master's Degree in Education. I contacted universities such as NYU (email screenshot below), Liberty University, Oregon State, Touro College and asked if they would accept a UoPeople bachelor's degree holder and they said yes if the GPA was good enough. For those who want to earn an accredited bachelor's degree in 2 years, which will give you the opportunity to enter any master's degree program, from high-paying physiotherapy to working as a librarian in the union (and so on, enter wherever you want, the list is long), then you to me. I can do all of your bachelor's work for you, or just the (more difficult) subjects you need help with. Feel free to check UoPeople's accreditation and feel free to contact the universities you'd like to attend for a master's degree and ask them if they'll accept a UoPeople bachelor's degree holder. I would like to take on as many people as possible, but I will only be able to do 2-3 bachelors at a time (2-3 people every two years) due to the high volume of written assignments and quizzes/exams. . A screenshot of my GPA (3.76 GPA) is also attached below. Any questions, call / write on WhatsApp +1-347-488-9479.


sher ali meyer levin junior high school 285 sher ali midwood high school

sher ali meyer levin junior high school 285 sher ali midwood high school at brooklyn college
tel.(929) 444-8764. Any Time
05/18/2014 more

sher ali midwood high school at brooklyn college

sher ali midwood high school at brooklyn college [email protected] MON-TUE 7:OO AM TO 4:00 PM SAT-SUN CLOSED
tel.(929) 444-8764. Any Time
05/17/2014 more

sher ali midwood high school at brooklyn college

sher ali midwood high school at brooklyn college [email protected] SCHOOL TIMING SHEDULE MON-TUE 7:OO AM TO 4:00 PM SAT-SUN CLOSED
tel.(929) 444-8764. Any Time
05/17/2014 more