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Stomat Laboratory

FOR A SHOWCASE (for advertising purposes) Dental laboratory is looking for people who need a filling for a chewing tooth. We will make a seal for free. For more information and to assign an append, write to private messages or call 646 286 3727. As for all dental services, reasonable prices.
02/19/2018 more

Dental laboratory

Dental laboratory B advertising purposes Dental laboratory is looking for people, which need a crown for the chewing tooth We make a crown for free For more details and appointments appointmenta call on the number (646) 286-3727 For all other dental services-acceptable prices
tel.(646) 286-3727.
02/14/2018 more

Top Dentist Greenpoint

No matter what dental problems you have, you should always consult only a top dentist Greenpoint for world-class treatment at low cost. Such a dentist will be skilled and qualified to diagnose the problem and start the treatment. Patient Friendly Dental 67-13 Fresh Pond Rd. Ridgewood, NY 11385 Ph:- (718) 304-0595
tel.(718) 304-0595. Morning

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is one more step forward Are you worried about the smell from your mouth? When cleaning the gums bleed, red and you feel that the teeth have acquired mobility? Do you have diabetes and you lose teeth? Do not fall into despair and do not make hasty conclusions. All these symptoms speak of gum disease, but fortunately, at the moment there is a technique that will quickly and painles..
tel.(718) 621-0827.
02/06/2018 more

Garden City Teeth Whitening - Best Solution For You

North Island Dental Arts provides professional teeth whitening in Garden City, NY. They offer a very quick method that can be completed just in 30-90 minutes if done by a professional dentist.
tel.(516) 616-4800. Morning
01/29/2018 more

Superior Dental

Modern equipped clinic. All kinds of dental treatment. We provide a full range of dental services. Our specialists are dentists with extensive experience. New patients are given a discount. Cosmetics. Prosthetics. Implants gsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgs
tel.(718) 934-0409.


DENTIST New office Good discount for first clients 646-239-2247
01/03/2018 more

Vista Dental

Vista Dental Take a flyer for a free gift in the treatment of Payment plans from $ 78 a month. Necessary funding authorization • Invisalign • Snap on Smile • Dentures • Removal • Cleaning (718) 332-2100 The offer is valid until 06.01.2014 2951 Ocean Avenue, Suite BB, Ocean Avenue, between Y and Z
tel.(718) 332-2100.
01/03/2018 more

The most modern dental office

The most modern dental office in Brooklyn, in which Dr. Vyacheslav Ripa provides highly qualified dental care 2833 Coney Island Avenue (718) 946-8585
tel.(718) 946-8585.
12/14/2017 more

Dr. Vyacheslav Ripa

The most modern dental office in Brooklyn, in which Dr. Vyacheslav Ripa provides highly qualified dental care 2833 Coney Island Avenue (718) 946-8585
tel.(718) 946-8585.
12/14/2017 more

Bright white dental

Bright white dental Brooklyn: 3071 Ave. U, Brooklyn, NY 11229 (718) 736-0123
tel.(718) 736-0123.

Bright white DENTAL

Bright white DENTAL cosmetics, implants, orthodontist, dentistry (718) 736-0123 3071 Ave. U, Brooklyn, NY 11229
tel.(718) 736-0123.
11/03/2017 more

Dental Center # 1

Dental Center # 1 Laser Gum Treatment Teeth whitening in one hour !! (718) 946-9520 (718) 946-9240
tel.(718) 946-9520.
11/03/2017 more

Dental implants

Dental implants at super-affordable prices This is a unique opportunity to get an excellent dental care together with rest If you are interested, please contact with our representative by phone: (646) 233-6390 or by e-mail: [email protected]
tel.(646) 233-6390.

Dentist Larisa Lozover

Dentist Larisa Lozover We accept all basic insurance, as well as local 371, all local from Healthplex, Medicaid, Guildnet, credit cards Consultation - free of charge 271 Ave. U, Brooklyn, NY 11223 (718) 265-5700
tel.(718) 265-5700.
10/14/2017 more


BNY DENTAL PC 999 Summer Str., Suite 300, Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 588-9059
tel.(203) 588-9059.
09/23/2017 more

Ambulance for dentures

Ambulance for dentures Dental technician at your home repair prosthesis or make a new one. On sale - $ 350 (347) 553-3906 Calls except Saturday
tel.(347) 553-3906.
08/24/2017 more

Dental Clinic

New Century Dental Clinic Phone (718) 621-0827
tel.(718) 621-0827.
08/09/2017 more

Dental clinic and laboratory

Dental clinic and laboratory Dentistry for adults and children 1845 ocean Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230 Tel. (718) 483-8870 70 Mill River Str., UL-2, Stamford, CT 06902 Tel. (203) 890-9191 Fax (203) 890-9193
tel.(203) 890-9193.
07/13/2017 more

Dr. Tatiana Korol

Dr. Tatiana Korol Come to the office at 3049 Ocean Parkway, Suit 301, Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 333-1144
tel.(718) 333-1144.
07/08/2017 more
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