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Free comprehensive examination of the oral cavity

Free comprehensive examination of the oral cavity
and cleaning from tartar according to a modern technique in a licensed
and a modernly equipped dental college.
• Removal of deposits • Application of protective and strengthening varnish on the enamel
• Teaching the patient correct hygiene
Call to schedule appointing
(917) 900-5739 Olesya


Dental laboratory in Brooklyn

Dental laboratory in Brooklyn
If for health reasons you cannot or do not want to wait exhaustingly in line to see the dentist, or your insurance does not cover dentures. Call us! And he will come to your house. Certified Dental Technician.
- prosthesis of any configuration - $ 1200 (Including 3-4 visits of a technician)
- improvement of the balance in the mouth of the old prosthesis - $ 600 (Incl. 1 visit)
any breakage of the prosthesis - $ 500 (incl. 1 visit)
(347) 277-2230 (except Saturday)


917-900-5739 Free examination of the oral cavity and cleaning of tartar using a modern technique.

Free examination of the oral cavity and cleaning of tartar using a modern technique.


Receptionist in a busy dental office

Qualified dental treatment

Emergency help!
Qualified dental treatment and prosthetics
Dr. Solomon Rafailov and Dr. Radmila Shuminova, DDS
Modern 3D equipment for planning and placement of implants
• 3071 Ave. U, Brooklyn
• 187-06 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, Queens
+1 (718) 736-012



FIRST AID FOR dentures
Call us - we will fix any breakage in your old denture
Payment after work
(347) 277-2230


Dentist Larriisa Lozover

Dentist Larriisa Lozover
invites you to a dental clinic,
equipped with modern equipment
271 Ave. U, Brooklyn, NY 11223 • (718) 265-5700


Dental clinic in Los Cabos

Visit the best dental clinic in Los Cabos and get affordable dental services. #Medicaltourism #medicaltourismmexico #dentalclinic #dentalimplantst #LosCabos
12/04/2020 more

Century Medical & Dental Center Gravesend

Century Medical and Dental Center is a dynamic, modern multi-specialty clinic delivering high-quality individualized health care in multiple convenient locations in Brooklyn: Gravesend, Flatbush and in the center of Metrotech Downtown Brooklyn on Livingston Street. A collaborative clinic that gives busy individuals a personalized, measurable healthcare strategy to enhance their physical and mental..
tel.(718) 336-8855. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Dental Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY

Dental Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY We know that brushing and flossing regularly at home is standard care for our teeth and gums. However, nothing beats a professional teeth cleaning twice a year. In addition to regular checkups, a professional teeth cleaning at a reputable office is fundamental to having a bright, white smile. It is also a requirement for overall oral hygiene and well being of the w..
tel.(718) 382-3444. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple Dental Implants Economical Long-term Solution for Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth Dr. Navid Rahmani is a leading dental implant specialist in NYC, multiple dental implants expert and one of few implant dentists in NYC to offer newest and most advanced dental implants in New York. We are using cutting edge techniques for placing multiple teeth implants. Dr. Our best rated dental implants ..
tel.(212) 256-0000. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Teeth Cleaning for Kids & Teens

Taking your kids to a toddler dentist in Brooklyn for teeth cleaning before they can even talk and walk may seem like putting the cart before the horse. But you’ll bless those prophylaxis cleaning visits to the best pediatric dentist in Brooklyn when your kids get older and you aren’t faced with huge dental bills to remove plaque/tartar buildup or treat gum disease. Let your whole family get a..
tel.(718) 339-8852. Morning
08/28/2020 more

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentists offer dental veneers on teeth in a variety of options, ranging from press on veneers to porcelain, resin, and prepless veneers. While alternatives to veneers teeth may be cheaper than porcelain veneers, their cost is worth the investment. You’ll love the way you look and appreciate the added protection your natural teeth receive. Come to our dental clinic in Brook..
tel.(718) 339-8852. Morning
08/28/2020 more

Dental Crown

Dental crowns are prosthetics for your teeth. Dental crown cost in the Bronx, NY varies depending on the type of material you choose to have it made from and how important your appearance is to you. Teeth crowns are used by our dentists (open on Saturday) as part of a plan to save your natural teeth. Also known as dental caps, they can enhance your appearance when put in place by a top Bronx denti..
tel.(718) 299-3600. Morning
08/28/2020 more

Dental Implants

When you lose one or more teeth, you have options to replace them with artificial teeth. Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements. You can get a single tooth implant, mini dental implants or full dental implants. The dental implant procedure requires surgery, so it’s not inexpensive, but affordable teeth implants are often trouble-free replacements for your missing teeth in Brooklyn, NY...
tel.(718) 455-4400. Morning
08/28/2020 more

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges can be the perfect solution for restoring a smile in people who have multiple teeth missing or a single missing tooth. The dental bridge cost is more affordable than other options, making it a popular choice for replacing missing teeth. Your located in Brooklyn, NY dentist Dr. Ella Dekhtyar at Broadway Family Dental is both a family dentist and a cosmetic dentist and can help explai..
tel.(718) 455-4400. Morning
08/28/2020 more


A gum graft is a dental gum surgery used to treat the consequences of gum recession. If receding gums are left untreated, it could ultimately lead to tooth loss. During the gum grafting surgery in NYC, your lost gum tissues will be restored. Periodontist Dr. Rahmani is nationally recognized as America’s Top Periodontist, one of the best periodontist in the region. He is an award-winning expert ..
tel.(212) 644-4477. Morning
08/28/2020 more

Manhattan Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

The office is located on the Upper East Side. The team provides an exceptional painless dental work. A goal of Periodontist in NYC is to help you SAVE your Natural Teeth. Extraction of teeth and preserving the jaw bone with Dental Implant in its Natural state is one of the greatest service provided for our patients. The office is equipped with latest technology and instrument to expedite healing ..
tel.1 (212) 644-4477. Any Time