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Repair & constructionElectrics & plumbers

Wanted for the plumber

The plumbing company requires plumbing plumbers with documents, work experience is not required. Contact by phone: 718-488-6000
08/18/2017 more

Plumbing work

I will do any work on plumbing. Installation, transfer of washbasins, showers, washing and washing machines, sewer cleaning, installation and repair of heating, water heaters and much more.
tel.(347) 355-8067.
08/06/2017 more

Plumbers with great experience

Plumbers with extensive experience We carry out all kinds of plumbing works. There is license and insurance (347) 585-2025
tel.(347) 585-2025.
07/28/2017 more


I'll help you pass OSHA10 TEST Fast! Qualitatively and not expensive! Guarantee 100% !!! (646) 639-7892
tel.(646) 639-7892.


Electric-professonal perform any work elektricheskie 1 (347) 517-3524 • 1 (347) 312-4861 • 1 (718) 878-0807
tel.1 (347) 517-3524.
07/15/2017 more

An electrician is required for work

An electrician is required for work Knowledge of English not necessary Salary depends From work experience. Cash +1 (347) 753-3349 Novel
tel.1 (347) 753-3349.
07/14/2017 more

Responsible electrician with license

Responsible electrician with license Free evaluation of works Sockets, chandeliers, spotlights, led light, Timers, panels, problems with electricity (929) 299-9914 Dima
tel.(929) 299-9914.
07/07/2017 more


Baths Qualitatively and professionally Painting in any colors (718) 809-9666 Eric
tel.(718) 809-9666.
07/04/2017 more

plumbing work

Quickly clean and high quality all kinds of fire and plumbing work. Installation, repair, replacement of baths, utetazov, rakoven. Turning on gas fireplaces and grilling. Warm floor . Cleaning and installation of furniture. We have experience and work experience. The call of the master and ochenka work without charge . About us and we will give you a very good price for our work. Tel. 7184967002..
tel.(718) 496-7002.

Electrician professional

Electrician professional With extensive experience in America Will perform any private and commercial work 718-427-0980
tel.(718) 427-0980.
06/11/2017 more

An electrician is a professional with great

An electrician professional with extensive experience in America will perform any private (718) 427-0980
tel.(718) 427-0980.
06/02/2017 more

Electrician professional

An electrician professional with extensive experience in America will perform any private and commercial work free consultation (718) 427-0980
tel.(718) 427-0980.
05/13/2017 more


Any kind of plumbing work Heating: installation and repair of boilers, floor heating. Identification and repair of gas leaks. Fire systems. Sewage cleaning. Experience Quality Price
tel.(347) 607-4273.
05/08/2017 more


PROFESSIONALLY EXECUTE ALL ELECTRICAL WORKS FOR PRIVATE AND COMMERCIAL OBJECTS We obtain all permits for work and put it into operation upon completion (there is a license). WE DO QUICKLY, QUALITATIVELY, NEDOROGO. (929)392-4114
tel.(929) 392-4114.
04/27/2017 more


Plumbing and Handyman for your business and home! Is your bath clogged and requires work? Your sink hammered and requires cleaning? Do you need handyman services? Call or send text message Tony (347) 712-7531. English only! Free assessment of work, quality and quick repair!
tel.(347) 712-7531.
04/14/2017 more

Electricians will perform all types of work

Electricians will perform any kind of work, "smart home" (347) 694-0245 Vadim
tel.(347) 694-0245.
03/18/2017 more


Electrician perform all types of work "Smart House" (347) 694-0245, Vadim
tel.(347) 694-0245.
03/14/2017 more

Hiring electricians

A growing electrical contracting company is looking for electricians. If you have electrical experience in the commercial industrial field, have been a commercial electrician or industrial electrician for 5 or more years, have a driver license, and are interested in joining a growing company that offers benefits and a compatitive salary, then this may be the job for you. 347-225-6972
tel.(347) 225-6972.

sanitary engineering

• Plumbing Electrical Replacement and installation of sinks, faucets, water filters, toilet bowls, chandeliers and other works (917) 755-8603
tel.(917) 755-8603.
02/17/2017 more


Electricians We will try to help you Sergey 1 (347) 500-8214 Jack 1 (347) 600-8184
tel.1 (347) 500-8214.
12/31/2016 more
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