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Repair & constructionElectrics & plumbers

Electrical Works!

Electrical Works!
02/23/2018 more

Electricians will perform all types of work

Electricians will perform any kind of work, "smart home" (347) 694-0245 Vadim
tel.(347) 694-0245.
02/13/2018 more

We perform all types of work

Perform all kinds of electrical work (646) 706-9949 Edward 1176sv 19
tel.(646) 706-9949.
02/13/2018 more

Plumbing in Action

Plumbing in Action • Any plumbing work • Boilers, water heaters, radiators • Repair of apartments, baths (347) 599-5544
tel.(347) 599-5544.
02/03/2018 more

Electricians, subcontractor

Electricians, subcontractor Electrical works of any complexity (347) 495-8651
tel.(347) 495-8651.
02/02/2018 more

Plumber 3474063950

Clogg drain Staten Island plumbing repair 347-406-3950
02/01/2018 more

The plumbing company is looking for robots

Plumbing Company seeks experienced and non-experienced Plumbers, Plumbers Helpers, Sprinkler Fitters, Sprinkler Helpers for Plumbing and Fire Sprinkler Work. Must understand and some speak English, must have transportation and own tools. Work in 5 boroughs and long island
tel.(631) 339-1457.

Plumbing in Action

Plumbing in Action • Any plumbing work • Boilers, water heaters, radiators • Repair of apartments, baths (347) 599-5544
tel.(347) 599-5544.
01/30/2018 more

plumbing work

Plumbing work Any plumbing work, heating, gas. Quickly, efficiently, inexpensively. (347) 462-6684 Andrew
tel.(347) 462-6684.

Plumber services(Ramji)

We pride myself on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We strongly believe in giving our absolute best in all of the projects no matter how big or small. We are an expert in our trade with over 20 years of experience and will always keep you educated on your particular task or project. We look forward to earning your business
01/29/2018 more

Electrician professional

Electrician is a professional with extensive experience in America will perform any private and commercial work free consultation (718) 427-0980
tel.(718) 427-0980.
01/13/2018 more

We carry out all kinds of electrical

We carry out all kinds of electrical works in New York and New Jersey Qualitatively, quickly, inexpensively (386) 986-9781 (917) 751-4491
tel.(386) 986-9781.
01/09/2018 more

Sanitary works

Sanitary works Sewer cleaning emergency service (929) 245-7044
tel.(929) 245-7044.
12/30/2017 more

license electrician

an electric company requires an electrician with the New York lixens. Electrical company seeking electrician with NYC electrical license (347) 355 2885
12/15/2017 more


The company will perform responsibly and with a guarantee all kinds of works on ELECTRICITY (FROM THE PROJECT TO SALE) SMART HOME (FULL COMPLEX OF SERVICES) LOW-VOLTAGE & NETWORKING (GASKET INSTALLATION SETTING) VIDEO-MONITORING CAMERAS insured & license The company has many years of experience in Manhattan We cooperate with Construction tel: (347) 500.44.01
tel.(347) 500-4401.
12/04/2017 more

The Old Electrical Corp.

The Old Electrical Corp. 24 Hour Emergency Service We carry all types of electrical work Opening resolution (Electrical Permit) and submission of papers (ConEdison and Building department) tel. (917) 753-9575 • fax (347) 344-6278 [email protected]
tel.(917) 753-9575.

Electrcial Service

Smart Wire Technologies Inc. New York's Electrical Contractors Licensed and Insured. Since 2003 800 676 3779 We Specialize in all your wiring needs Low Voltage *Security Camera *Intercom/Door Access *Audio/Visual Installations *Mounting of TV's and Audio systems *Networking Wiring (Cat5E, Cat6E) *Telecommunication Wiring *Patch Panels; POE; Hot Spot and more...   Line Voltage Electrical Service..
tel.(800) 676-3779. Any Time

Plumbers with extensive experience

Plumbers with extensive experience We carry out all kinds of plumbing works. There is license and insurance (347) 585-2025
tel.(347) 585-2025.
11/11/2017 more

are required

Required plumber and assistant, payment by check for agreement, work permit (646) 309-0576
11/02/2017 more

Plumbing services - general plumbing

Plumbing services • Replacement of sanitary ware (kitchen faucet & sink, toilet, bathroom tub & faucet & sink) • Installation of equipment ( dishwasher, washer & dryer, ice maker ) • Elimination of leakage and congestion (pipe leak , drain leak, sewer line cleanout) • Boilers, water heaters • Fire sprinklers • Gas systems (furnace, dryer, oven, stove) • Sewage ..
tel.(718) 309-8582.
10/30/2017 more
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