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Repair & constructionElectrics & plumbers

All kinds of plumbing works

All kinds of plumbing works Replacement of boilers and water heaters, heating systems. Quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices Licensed & Insured (347) 561-0404
08/28/2018 more

Plumbers with great experience

Plumbers with extensive experience We carry out all kinds of plumbing works. There is a license and insurance (347) 585-2025
tel.(347) 585-2025.
08/25/2018 more

An electrician

Electrical company ELECTRIC PLANET LIGHT Inc will perform private and commercial electrical works. 20 years of experience in America. Free consultation. The best prices. Tel: (718) 427-0980
tel.(718) 427-0980.

plumbing work

Plumbing work Any plumbing work, heating, gas. Quickly, efficiently, inexpensively. (347) 462-6684 Andrew
tel.(347) 462-6684.

professional electrician

Electrician professional will perform qualitatively electrical works for private and commercial persons. Install, update, repair the electrical system of all kinds of pools / large and small / + smart pool and lighting from your smartphone. 20 years of experience in America. Free consultation. The best prices. Call us on Tel .: 7184270980

Replacement Water heaters, $ 750

We will replace your leaking water heater. $ 750 (cash) 718-598-3418 for information on other volumes please call 718-598-3418
06/03/2018 more

Electrician professional

Electrician is a professional with extensive experience in America will perform any private and commercial work free consultation (718) 427-0980
tel.(718) 427-0980.
03/14/2018 more

Plumbing works

Plumbing works (917) 575-6059
tel.(917) 575-6059.
03/14/2018 more

Electricians will perform all types of work

Electricians will perform any kind of work, "smart home" (347) 694-0245 Vadim
tel.(347) 694-0245.
02/13/2018 more

We perform all types of work

Perform all kinds of electrical work (646) 706-9949 Edward 1176sv 19
tel.(646) 706-9949.
02/13/2018 more

Plumbing in Action

Plumbing in Action • Any plumbing work • Boilers, water heaters, radiators • Repair of apartments, baths (347) 599-5544
tel.(347) 599-5544.
02/03/2018 more

Sanitary works

Sanitary works Sewer cleaning emergency service (929) 245-7044
tel.(929) 245-7044.
12/30/2017 more

Electrcial Service

Smart Wire Technologies Inc. New York's Electrical Contractors Licensed and Insured. Since 2003 800 676 3779 We Specialize in all your wiring needs Low Voltage *Security Camera *Intercom/Door Access *Audio/Visual Installations *Mounting of TV's and Audio systems *Networking Wiring (Cat5E, Cat6E) *Telecommunication Wiring *Patch Panels; POE; Hot Spot and more...   Line Voltage Electrical Service..
tel.(800) 676-3779. Any Time