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The legendary clairvoyant Mirale!

The legendary clairvoyant Mirale!
Now accepts online from anywhere in the world.
The world sorcerer practices black and white magic.
The most powerful and effective rites
In just 1 meeting, she will change your life completely. Guaranteed result.
Help in any difficult and complicated life situations.
Several thousand great positive reviews.
Make an appointment now
www. magical-help-online. com
Tel. and WhatsApp online 24/7+9 (053) 646-35421


Maria Moon

psychic astrologer Maria Moon
Call and find out
what fate and stars prophesy for you
(718) 934-6512


Numerology and Tarot Cards

Numerology and Tarot Cards
A unique system from the ancient Egyptian priests to resolve difficult situations and attract the desired.

Natalia: (646) 420-3025


Madame Bella

Madame Bella
Clairvoyant Healer
(718) 616-1506


Fortune telling

Lyudmila is a magician psychic! Participant in the battle of psychics

For the first time in our city, Boris Wildbaum

A unique opportunity for New Yorkers!
For the first time in our city Boris Wildbaum!
Healer, Clairvoyant and Parapsychologist from Philadelphia.


FAMILY CONSERVATION Everyone promises - I will really help

If you are not tired of walking on helpless fortune-tellers, then you can continue to engage in nonsense. And you can conduct a real ritual and get the result.
It all depends on you. Is not it?
Only black magic (are there really white love spells? .. chase such liars),
Only the real result.

Write on Viber WhatsApp

I guarantee the result



I solve problems, not discuss
Successfully working with depression
with difficulties in dealing with children
and parents, cash flows
and health problems
I will remove the evil eye, spoilage and curses WITHOUT MAGIC
(347) 598-8072


Harp Psychic

The strongest mage of Russia
Want to know what awaits you in the new 2020?
I will conduct fortune-telling on Tarot cards and tell you what will await you!
I will help to avoid difficulties and make the right decision in situations.
I’ll remove spoilage, evil eye, affliction, love spell.
I will establish protection from the rival, ill-wishers and envious.
I will also conduct rituals to remove the crown of celibacy, marriage, and pregnancy.
I will help you find happiness in the new year!


I will help in difficult situations

I will provide psychologists

I will provide psychological assistance

(347) 251-6681 Aya


I will help solve problems, answer questions



I will help solve problems, answer questions


Psychic Healer

Psychic healer.
Archpokrovitel Nikolay Pokrovsky 1 (212) 470-3903
Skype: pokrov22com


Detective agency. Private detective. Private investigator

Detective agency "Valor Security & Investigations",
specializes in the provision of detective services in the United States and abroad.

Our agency is a successful team of NY-licensed private investigators.
Today, we are the largest Russian-speaking detective agency in the United States

Valor Security & Investigations, Inc.
626 Sheepshead Bay Road, ste # 510
Brooklyn, NY, 11224
Office Phone: +1 (718) 484-8122
SMS: +1 (646) 966 8223


Farseer Tamara

Man is confused and does not see a way out
Exact answers to all the “why”, “when”, “how”, “why”
will give an old deck of cards

If you cannot come in person, then any service can be received
If the service is needed for another person - ENOUGH PHOTOS
  (646) 693-2108 Viber / WhatsApp
(see details)



Clairvoyant, diviner and healer
in the seventh generation!

(347) 484-4704


Help • Tanya Soul

Help • Tanya Soul
Guessing on coffee, water, beans, tarot, photos. Energy treatment
I treat, relieve pain, back, knees, etc.
Great experience in Russia and America
Cell (347) 224-0780


Psychic Anna

Readings by Anna
Psychic Anna
This gifted woman will tell you everything about you.
even though I’ve never seen you before.
For an apartment call: (718) 616-1551
414 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY


Farseer Nelly

Predictions in all areas of your life

Fortune telling on Tarot cards
- Love Magic - The most powerful love spells - Amulet, talismans for good luck and business. PAYMENT FOR RESULTS
1,646,889 1,651 .WhatsApp

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