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Clairvoyant from God

Readings by Teresa clairvoyant from God Born in the south of the psychic healer Teresa will uncover all the secrets of your soul. (718) 459-3412 to speak in English Open 7 days a week 7 am - 10 pm 97-19 63rd Dr., Rego Park, Queens , NY Contact us today and now Christmas divination
tel.(718) 459-3412.
02/16/2018 more

Best astrologer

Best astrologer Palm reader & psychic Master Shina Palm reading, face reading & photo reading Relationship Health Wealth (929) 398-2333 speak in English
tel.(929) 398-2333.
02/15/2018 more

master Gala

master Gala I advise on the Tarot cards I help to make the right choice to clarify the situation in a relationship, job, finance and other aspects of life Diagnosis negativa- corruption, evil eye, curses and so on. Disclaims any negative impacts I teach Divination by Tarot cards Spend consultation on Skype (347) 323-6681
tel.(947) 323-6681.
02/03/2018 more

Divination Strongest Magical Rites

Consultation, full viewing, diagnostics, your questions. Correction of Destiny - determining the causes of failure, viewing the past, present, future, full distribution of TARO cards. Privorot - a magical effect on a person, in order to arouse in him a love affection. Restoring relationships - preventing scandals, misunderstanding, return of loved ones. Help and Support in Business - getting rid..
tel.(646) 844-7492.
01/29/2018 more

The formula of health of Grigory Grabovoy

A complete restorative complex of all human systems and organs "Health formulas of Grigory Grabovoi" We are recruiting students according to the standard educational program of teaching the teachings of Grigory Grabovoy Online classes are conducted by a certified teacher EBUzukina once a week on Saturdays Below is information for a closer look at this topic: Introductory lecture, p..
tel.(347) 432-4558.
01/20/2018 more

Clairvoyant from God Mrs. Teresa

Clairvoyant from God Mrs. Teresa Healer true professional of the Roma people, the fate of fortune teller, has a phenomenal gift, referred to it for generations. "It was the basis of my life." • (718) 743-6828
tel.(718) 743-6828.
01/13/2018 more

madam Bella

madam Bella call (718) 616-1506 reception from 8 am-7 pm
tel.(718) 616-1506.
01/13/2018 more

Fortune telling on maps "Lenorman.

Fortune telling on maps "Lenorman. "Tsigan alignment! I'll help to open the future " +380 987775566 (Viber / WhatsApp) Also I conduct Consultations as a psychologist. The cost of the session is $ 20
01/12/2018 more

World famous palmist

World famous palmist & spiritualist PANDITH: AYYAPPA COME TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE PALM, FACE, PHOTO & PATRA READING (929) 350-7672 924 New York Ave., bet. Church & Snyder, Brooklyn, NY 11203
tel.(929) 350-7672.
12/23/2017 more


ONLY ONCE AGAIN: NEW YEAR AWARD for the entire year 2018 ! When guessing absolutely FREE bestow OBEREGI home, family, life, health, good luck and business that operate throughout the year. My OBEREGI is insurance for the whole year. HURRY! Before the New Year is very little! +1 585 310 3050 whatsapp , viber +1 347 389 9747 mobil . WARRANTY 100%
tel.1 (585) 310-3050.
12/21/2017 more

prophetess Natalia

Prophetess Natalia holds sessions: clairvoyance, numerology, prediction, removal of damage, the evil eye, curses and so on. (347) 585-6620
tel.(347) 585-6620.
12/16/2017 more

World famous palmist & spiritualist

12/15/2017 more

Maria Moon

Well-known astrologer-psychic Maria Moon Call and find out, that fate and stars prophesy to you (718) 934-6512
12/14/2017 more

For those who have difficulties,

For those who have difficulties, teaching subjects with hypnosis (347) 585-8143
tel.(347) 585-8143.
12/12/2017 more

Not everything goes, how do you plan?

Not everything goes, how do you plan? Are you in disharmony with yourself? So you are not fulfilling your karmic task! I will tell you about your karmic tasks by the date of your birth, by the date of your year. I will tell you with whom you can be in pairs or cooperate! I work with all states on the phone, Skype, Viber Call on the time of Los Angeles (323) 202-3649 Dolores
tel.(323) 202-3649.
12/05/2017 more

Drought, fortune telling on cards, hands

Drought, Privorot, fortune telling on cards and hands
tel.(646) 247-2396.
11/30/2017 more

Theta-healing: practices of the 21st century

Theta-healing: practices of the 21st century Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanya Staneva received a blessing from Vanga herself.
11/30/2017 more

Midium Arkady

Midium Arkady professional predictor whatsapp + 972-54-934-8011  
11/28/2017 more


Laura the clairvoyant magician! Heiress and guardian of the secret magical knowledge and rituals in the tenth generation. (646) 258-7747 • (718) 795-5599
tel.(646) 258-7747.
11/26/2017 more

Hereditary medicine man. The Tarot.

Tatiana Nikolaevna is a hereditary healer. The Tarot. Experience more than 20 years. I give consultations. Both personally and at a distance. Divination by tarot on relationships and love. "Will I marry." Guessing for treason. Celtic cross - fortune-telling. Guessing on the situation.
tel.7 (964) 706-9344.
11/25/2017 more
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