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Repair & constructionFinishing work

Finishing work

Works both inside and outside the home • Plumbing • Electrical • Heating • Tile, concrete works • Bathrooms • Painting work • Installation of doors, locks consultation, call (646) 545-9231
tel.(646) 545-9231.

Inexpensive, high-quality and fast

Inexpensive, high-quality and fast I will repair your home, office. All kinds of painting, shitrak, parquet, laminate, laying tiles, installation of sanitary ware and chandeliers. Door installation, renovation kitchen cabinets. (347) 905-8593
tel.(347) 905-8593.
02/24/2018 more

I do apartment repairs

I do apartment repairs painting, shytrak, putty, tile, electrician (347) 296-9167
tel.(347) 296-9167.
02/24/2018 more

Painting works

Painting works • putty • primer • painting Professionally, without intermediaries, free of charge evaluation and consultation. NY (934) 444-5944
tel.(934) 444-5944.
02/22/2018 more

Repair of apartments, houses and offices ...

The boys from Ukraine make repairs quickly, efficiently, cheaply ... Frame, shitrok, painting robots, painting, decorative filler, Stake, Venetian, marselsky whiskey, Wallpapering, decoration pieces, ... Designing products from foam, do as facade robots Laminate flooring, Soft flooring. Installation of doors, locks, ... Elektrika from scratch under INSPECTION, some robots ... Tile, marble, m..
02/20/2018 more

Demolition / repair of apartments,

Demolition / repair of apartments, houses, offices • Painting • Laminate • plumbing • we collect and install furniture (917) 558-2357
tel.(917) 558-2357.
02/16/2018 more

Repair of houses • apartments • offices

Repair of houses • apartments • offices demoleyshn, frame, wide, painting works, plumbing, electrical, parquet, doors, tiles and much more (917) 783-8979 VOLODYA
tel.(917) 783-8979.
02/13/2018 more

Floors grind

Floors grind, repair, we put new professionally! (646) 249-0260  
tel.(646) 249-0260.
02/13/2018 more


PARQUET Installation, planing, engineered flooring, laminate flooring (718) 801-9457 Sergei
tel.(718) 801-9457.
02/13/2018 more

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors Installation, planing, repair The coating varnish Cell (347) 208-3049
tel.(347) 208-3049.
02/13/2018 more

I carry out painting work

I carry out painting work Equipped with a TV on the wall (718) 373-4622
tel.(718) 373-4622.
02/13/2018 more

Finishing work

Gently. Sheetrock, plastir, painting, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, cabinets assembly, bathroom, basement renovation. Alex. (718) 902-2472
tel.(718) 902-2472.
02/13/2018 more

Construction and repair works

GMNY Construction Inc. Carry out any repair work work itself Quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Free consultation and evaluation (347) 424-7220 George
tel.(347) 424-7220.
02/13/2018 more

Plaster, painting

Plaster, paint, any tiles, laminate, scraping floors, doors, locks Reasonable prices. (646) 269-6740 Vladimir
tel.(646) 269-6740.
02/13/2018 more

Company of young people

The company of young people will perform for you any repairs and help with the design (631) 214-8658 • [email protected]
tel.(631) 214-8658.

Finishing, repair, flooring and curling

Repair and finishing of any complexity
tel.1 (917) 783-5963.

Finishing, repair, flooring and curling

Repair and finishing of any complexity
tel.1 (917) 783-5963.

Renovation of apartments

Renovation of apartments Any type of construction work Without intermediaries (929) 305-4844
tel.(929) 305-4844.
01/24/2018 more

Repair Renovation professionally executed repairs Bashego house: Vannye, kitchens, doors, windows, flooring, closets, painting, and more accurately, qualitatively, in terms of individual design based on ergonomic solutions ... feel comfortable call for free estimeyta. Bam like our prices tel: (347) 574-7651
tel.(347) 574-7651.
01/23/2018 more


master with experience
tel.(929) 225-4197.
01/22/2018 more
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