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Repair & constructionFinishing work


Installation of ceramics, porcelain, granite. Bathrooms, floors, balconies, etc. Great experience in the USA (917) 501-0617 Igor
tel.(917) 501-0617.
09/06/2018 more

Repairs - quality and inexpensive!

Repairs - quality and inexpensive! Civil engineer from Lithuania with 20 years of experience, and his team will make any internal repair in your apartment, home or business Tel: (646) 881-3455
tel.(646) 881-3455.
08/26/2018 more

Repair-finishing of houses and apartments

Puttying, painting, wallpaper, tiles, installing windows and doors, framing, shower doors
tel.(929) 293-5151.
08/08/2018 more


Construction-repair houses • apartments • offices All types of repair and construction works: frame, shirok, molding, doors, parquet, tile, painting, electrician, plumbing We have all lisensy and insurance Tel. (917) 586-3003
tel.(917) 586-3003.
08/04/2018 more


Woodwork Installation of doors, moldings, kitchen cabinets, Clasets, laminate, covers for radiators in size, assembly and installation of furniture IKEA. • (347) 777-4930 Alexander •
tel.(347) 777-4930.
08/04/2018 more

Fast, high quality and cheap

Fast, high quality and cheap High-quality painting of walls, puttying and repair of cracks Moldings and plinths Laying laminate and repairing priests (929) 427-9197
tel.(929) 427-9197.
07/27/2018 more

Requires a painter

Requires a painter. 934-444-55-44 Sergey
07/26/2018 more

Parquet floors Installation, batching, repair

Parquet floors Installation, sprinkling, repair, varnishing Fast, high quality Reasonable prices Cell (347) 208-3049
tel.(347) 208-3049.
07/20/2018 more

Repair Work

Our motto is: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Our chip: always make one additional kind of work for FREE !!! t. 347 320 89 78
tel.(347) 320-8978.


Cosmetic repair of apartments painting, tile, Parquet, putty, sanhenika, minor repairs (347) 447-3630
tel.(347) 447-3630.
07/14/2018 more

repair of apartments and houses.

Quality repairs of houses, apartments and offices are of high quality. Work experience 28 years. I do not run several objects in parallel. All the time and focus on quality is given to the strictly current object. Guarantee the delivery of the object in strictly established terms. We also do any small housework. If necessary, we represent insurance.
tel.(917) 204-5530.
07/13/2018 more

Kitchen Bathrooms Flooring Walls

Remodeling of bathrooms (tiles, marble, granite). Installation of kitchen cabinets. Wall installation, puttying, painting. And much more on construction. Pay attention to the northern areas of the Bronx. In business 24 years. Call 347 898-6443, 646 547-6425.
tel.(347) 241-9389.

Repair of houses, apartments and offices

Repair of houses, apartments and offices all kinds of jobs: kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, tile, window, door, skylat, spadlight, jacuzzi, reworking of two apartments in one Tel. (929) 413-5308
tel.(929) 413-5308.
07/07/2018 more

Paint, wallpaper

Painting, wallpaper, shirok, putty and so on.
tel.(347) 952-9705.


tel.(347) 394-6055.
07/02/2018 more

All kinds of painting works

All kinds of painting works Pricelist prices (347) 326-2452
tel.(347) 326-2452.
06/22/2018 more

Stacking of decorative stone,

Stacking of decorative stone, tranzar, driveway, swimming pools. (347) 326-2452
tel.(347) 326-2452.
06/22/2018 more

Finishing work! Qualitatively and Affordably

Redecorating! Finishing, Painting work! Shitrok frame. Tile! Fast, high-quality and inexpensive !
tel.(917) 442-7064.

Painting paint work

Painting and coloring internal construction work alignment of walls and ceilings, popcorn ceiling removing, plastering, painting, decorative painting, Venetian plaster and many others (718) 290-0503
tel.(718) 290-0503.
06/19/2018 more

Repair of apartments, houses and offices

Repair of apartments, houses and offices tel. (917) 682-3574 • (718) 241-0201 [email protected] 2237 East 72nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234
tel.(917) 682-3574.
06/16/2018 more
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