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DATA DESTRUCTION @@@ Protect your identity !!! @@@ (DELETING DATA ON MEDIA)

If you are planning to donate, recycle, or sell your electronic device, you are at risk of putting your information out in the open. Simply deleting files from the computer doesn't work. Your information: including financial, browsing history, emails and other private are still on your PC. Maybe you download a movie, music or a program from a sketchy place, or someday decided to try modeling on the side ... IT can be found many years after you have done it. You just want a piece of better equipment for yourself and just get rid of the older version. Same as you do with other stuff. But the device will never forget anything (like an elephant:>). What to do if you want to get your old device. you may CALL Gostbusters, OR Contact me and I might be able to help you, Leonid ("Lee" easy for the English speaking), Bilingual Russian \ English
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