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Communication specialist

Communication specialist Prepare daily operational briefings to include information gathered from federal, state and county sources, regional activities, noteworthy news, weather, transportation, utilities and GIS mapping. Monitor multiple sources of information for in-situ awareness of incidents that may adversely impact areas of the New York State, require a multi-agency response, and / or requ..


Secretary Review incoming correspondence and draft responses. Review outgoing correspondence for grammar, spelling, etc. Research background information. Transmit instructions to staff and conduct follow-up. Handle telephone calls and visitors. Coordinate and arrange meetings. Establish office procedures. Set up and maintain office filing systems (including electronic). Resolve day-to-day operati..


LPN Administering injectable, j-tube and g-tube medications. Implementing and monitoring the g-tube and j-tube feedings, including changing g-tubes. Implementing catherization orders, trach care, deep oral and pharyngeal suctioning. Assist with medical needs at IRA's. Must have license and current registration certificate. $ 35915 to $ 44077 per year. [email protected]

Office assistant

Office assistant Perform data entry; Math or calculations; Mail, supply, and inventory functions; Keyboarding and other document preparation tasks; Answering telephones; Completing forms; Assisting customers; Creating or assisting in the preparation of reports, charts, graphs, and tables. Supervise lower-level staff; And / or directly perform more difficult or complicated clerical processing and ..

Office assistant

Office assistant Provide information about SUNY's educational offerings to prospective applicants, their parents and high school counselors via e-mail, phone and chat. Communicate the SUNY application process to prospective applicants, their parents and high school counselors via e-mail, phone and chat. Provide technical support for SUNY's online application for admission. Advise applican..

Plant utilities assistant

Plant utilities assistant Assist in the operation, maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment, providing heat, hot water, ventilation, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical distribution in a safe and efficient manner. 1 year of satisfactory hands-on experience in operation and maintenance of boilers and / or auxiliary equipment or HVAC equipment in commercial, industrial..

Food service worker

Food service worker Food production, the service of food, sanitation and hygiene, ordering of food and supplies in accordance with established purchasing guidelines and supervision of Food Service Workers 1. May be required to submit written reports and documents regarding such duties. In some facilities computer literacy and using spreadsheets and reading charts may be required. Must be reachabl..


Laborer Move and / or deliver furniture and other large pieces of equipment. Maintain the school's standards, including lawns, athletic fields, shrubs, flowerbeds, and trees. Maintain the school's roadways, walkways and parking areas, which will include snow removal, ice control, patching, leveling and painting. Assist the journey-level trades personnel. Plumbing, heating, electrical, and..

Assistant drill rig operator

Assistant drill rig operator Obtain soil, rock, and pavement core samples; Record sample blow counts during progression of the borehole; Progresses borehole by means of hollow stem auger, mud rotary, drilled-in casing, driven casing, or rock coring; Of the scale, drill tolls and records, depth to water and thickness of geological strata; Prepares field drill log and maintains productivity and equ..


Cleaner Wash floors, corridors, stairwells, walls, partitions, and windows from the inside and outside. Clean lavatories and locker rooms, such as sinks, urinals, toilets, showers, and drains. Move furniture and equipment in connection with cleaning activities, and set up for meetings or special events. Empty trash, recyclables, and waste. Remove snow and salt walkways, clean sidewalks, yards, dr..


LPN Administering all injectable, j-tube and g-tube medications. Implementing and monitoring the g-tube and j-tube feedings, including changing g-tubes. Implementing catherization orders, trach care, deep oral and pharyngeal suctioning..Assist with medical needs at IRA's. Must have license and current registration certificate, issued by the education department, to practice as a Practical Nur..

Plant utilities helper

Plant utilities helper Assist in routine maintenance of equipment. Perform maintenance and repairs on mechanical and electrical equipment, steam, gas and water lines, and other related plumbing heating or ventilation equipment. Operate utility plant equipment including heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment. Lubricate machinery and other preventative maintenance tasks in the boiler, ..

Grounds worker

Grounds worker Clean grounds by sweeping, raking, shoveling and removing debris, leaves, branches, etc. Clear sites and prepares them for planting by raking, tilling soil, adding mulch and digging. Plant seeds, bushes, trees, etc. Using hand or power equipment. Cut grass using lawnmowers; Fertilizes and soils; Prunes bushes and trees; Removes or transplants bushes or trees. Remove dead trees by c..

Supervising janitor

Supervising janitor Supervises and administers of the program. Performs a variety of cleaning, maintenance, and care activities in the assigned area including mopping, washing, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, moving and setting up furniture, emptying trash, recycling. Plans and schedules staff assignments and cleaning services; Reassigns staff to ensure that work is accomplished according to sched..

Maintenance assistant

Maintenance assistant Performs plumbing, welding, carpentry, interior and exterior painting, masonry repairs, electrical trades including repairing electrical equipment, computer operation, and installation of roofing materials. Assist in maintenance projects. Must have 2 years of experience in maintenance or mechanical work under the supervision of a skilled trades worker or completion of an app..

Licensed practical nurse

Licensed practical nurse Administer medications and injections; Perform tube feedings; Hang IVs; Collect blood samples (if certified for venipuncture); To observe patients and report changes in their conditions; Take and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure; Obtain specimens for analysis. Must have a current license and registration for practice in the NYS. Must have and main..

Child care aide

Child care aide Responsible for maintaining the safety and well-being of blind students, escorting them to and from activities, attending to personal hygiene needs, the development of appropriate daily living skills, and providing supervision and assistance. An Associate's Degree or higher in the Human Services field, experience as a Nurse's Aide, skills in sign language, experience in be..

tel.(518) 486-5631.
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Licensing services clerk

Licensing services clerk Must be eligible for transfer. Must have 1 year of permanent or 55b / c service in a title SG-07 or above deemed eligible for transfer under Section 70.1 of the Civil Service Law. $ 33972 to $ 41756 per year. Telephone (518) 474-5215

tel.(518) 474-5215.
07/24/2017 more

Plant utilities assistant

Plant utilities assistant Perform semiskilled tasks in operating standard steam or high temperature hot water boilers rated at 15 pounds per square inch or more; Maintenance and repair of boilers, pumps, other power equipment, and electrical and mechanical equipment; And supervise helpers in carrying out routine manual labor Must be taken, pass and be reachable on the NYS Civil Service Exam $ 33,..

Office assistant

Office assistant Maintain records, documents, and information; And produce correspondence, reports, charts, etc. Does MAMIS to TADS transfer and payroll adjustments. Distribution of pay checks. Evaluation & probationary reports. Assist with ordering supplies, purchase orders, vouchers. Tracking and published data for purchasing tools and materials, correspondence memos and letters. Accident r..
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