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Dentist Responsible for the regular examination, treatment and complete care of patients. Valid license and registration for the practice of dentistry in the New York State and 2 years of full-time post-licensure experience and completion of graduate education are acceptable to the American Academy of General Dentistry are required. $ 51,644 to $ 63060 per year. [email protected]

Translator (manual communications)

Translator (manual communications) Coordinate sign language interpreting services for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing; and translate, communicate, and interpret from a verbal language, ie English into American Sign Language (ASL) and from ASL into a verbal language. Certification by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID); RAD Certification Examination and 2 years of exp..


Nurse Nursing interventions and their documentation, case finding, health teaching / counseling and provision of supportive and / or restorative care. Participate in staff training, prepare clinical and administrative reports, maintain infection control standards, and function as a member of a treatment team. Have a licensed clinical nursing experience. They must be licensed in the New York State..

Senior drafting technician

Senior drafting technician Prepare and / or review drawings for a variety of structural engineering projects using MicroStation CADD software. Prepare and check engineering computations and quantity estimates. Perform field investigations to collect or confirm data. Review shop drawings. $ 40507 to $ 51830 per year. [email protected]

Bridge repair assistant

Bridge repair assistant Cuts steel plates and bars, using chemtane cutting equipment. Manufactures of wooden building forms for concrete work. Operates concrete mixers and uses the proper mix according to use, eg, patching deck. Sets up sand blasting equipment, tends equipment during operation and adds sand. Using hand tools, scrapes, scaling and deteriorated paint from structural steel and paint..

Licensed practical nurse

Licensed practical nurse Involved in the treatment of people with developmental disabilities. Administer medications and injections; perform tube feedings; hang IVs; collect blood samples (if certified for venipuncture); to observe patients and report changes in their conditions; take and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure; obtain specimens for analysis; and perform other m..

Conservation operations supervisor

Conservation operations supervisor Supervise a crew is responsible for the maintenance, improvement and construction of facilities and infrastructure, including buildings, trail systems and recreation facilities. Coordinate a variety of site-specific maintenance projects, material and equipment purchases. $ 39533 to $ 48451 per year. [email protected]

Project associate

Project associate Assist with various aspects of project development and all stages of the certification and compliance process. Conduct research, analysis and draft reports. Assist in the development and implementation of technical assistance, special projects and initiatives. Draft internal and external correspondence and memoranda. Draft materials and assist with workshops and training program..

Dietician technician

Dietician technician Makes food substitutions on occasions when people are unable to eat. Reviews individuals 'dietary records and induction dietary information required on individuals' treatment plans and assessments. Periodically, abstracts information from individuals. $ 39533 to $ 48451 per year. [email protected]

Motor vehicles operator

Motor vehicles operator Drives a variety of motor vehicles in order to transport people, material and equipment, as required. Moves and carried cargo. Operate and maintain motorized equipment in support of maintenance. Routine maintenance of vehicle operated (changes in oil, tires, spark plugs, and checks fluids and fills when needed, etc.). Must possess a valid CDL Driver's License with Air ..

Office assistant

Office assistant Must be eligible for transfer. $ 30031 to $ 37150 per year. Telephone (518) 474-5215

tel.(518) 474-5215.
01/29/2018 more

Office assistant

Office assistant Must be eligible for transfer or be reachable for appointment from the eligible list and pass by at least 96% accuracy. $ 30031 to $ 37150 per year. Fax (518) 486-5631
01/29/2018 more

Office assistant

Office assistant Must be eligible for transfer or be reachable for appointment from the eligible list and pass by at least 96% accuracy. $ 30031 to $ 37150 per year. [email protected]


Laborer Sets up and removes furniture, partitions, and equipment. Install or hang clocks, shelving and office furniture. Assembles modular furniture based on blueprints or schematics. Small repair and environmental improvement projects. Picks up and delivers supplies and equipment. Moves items to and from storerooms. Maintain storage areas. Delivers forms and supplies to various offices. Assists ..

Food service worker

Food service worker Where the food is served. Help prepare trays for serving, transport food carts to serving areas, and return used dishes and equipment to pot and dishwashing areas. Clean serving or tray line areas and make sure that the equipment is ready for the next meal. Participate in sanitation activities in dining, food service and preparation areas, order and store supplies. Must be abl..


Janitor Mopping, washing, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, moving and setting up furniture, emptying trash, recycling. Hanging curtains, unplugging toilets, traps or sinks and performing routine maintenance on cleaning equipment. Sets up. Requisitions cleaning and bathroom supplies, and industrial cleaning agents. Responds to requests for requests for cleaning or maintenance. Sweeping, shoveling sn..


Laborer Empty recyclables and garbage. Set up conference rooms. Change lightbulbs. Place and remove boxes from storage. Deliver and pickup recycle bins, boxes, and surplus materials throughout the building. Deliver copy paper to offices. Clean and maintain the grounds, including: salting, shoveling and plowing snow, mowing the lawn, and pulling weeds. Move furniture boxes and other heavy equipmen..

Mason and plasterer

Supervise a small work crew of semiskilled workers. Lay building materials such as stone, brick, concrete, and cinder block to construct or repair walls, partitions, utility manholes, walkways, stairs, and firebrick linings in furnaces and chimneys. Follow blueprints and specifications by measuring distance from reference paints and marking guidelines on working surfaces. Mix mortar & spread o..

Office assistant

Office assistant Operate a computer and other office equipment; and supervise varied office work. Responsible for the payroll, personnel, and purchasing activities and the preparation and compilation of various reports, forms, and correspondence. Respond to inquiries. Assist by receiving and relaying reports and transmitting directions. Must be a qualified employee of the New York State Departmen..

General mechanic

General mechanic Perform electrician work and supervise others in the repair, maintenance and installation of electrical systems and equipment. Gantry Plaza State Park. Direct and carry out maintenance and repair and adhere to the professional standards of common to the plumbing, carpentry and masonry trades. Lay out work following blueprints and specifications; diagnose problems; draw rough sket..
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