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Repair & constructionHandyman

Experienced master

I will perform qualitatively and quickly - -remove, install the air conditioner -change the lock -Let the lamp, shelf, furniture -Plate of TV, Internet cable, WI-FI setting -Managing and setting up the TV -connection of additional Russian channels Tel. (518)366-0480
tel.(518) 366-0480.
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Repair Work

Repair Work Years of experience • WARRANTY (917) 547-1107 Husband for an hour Master at home
tel.(917) 547-1107.
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Experienced handyman

Experienced handyman Any minor work Quickly and efficiently (347) 209-3376
tel.(347) 209-3376.
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Handyman .. !!!!

Handyman emergency 24/7 ... !!!
tel.(631) 703-5360.
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Required Handyman !! Handyman!

Work a full time, $ 18 per hour cache on the start. Knowledge of basic English is compulsory. Experience in working with the TV set, installation of air conditioners, electricians, plumbing and furniture assembly. For all inquiries, please call 718-838-4625 Dmitry
tel.(718) 838-4625.
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MASTER - Able Hands.

MASTER - Able Hands. Clasets - repair and redevelopment. Design and manufacturing of shelves and partitions. Cabinets, taps and sinks for kitchen and bathroom. Door locks, TV, chandeliers, cornices, mirrors, assembly of furniture and much more. (646)541-3022 Sergey.
tel.(646) 541-3022.


handyman will provide services for any repairs in the apartment 917-543-2459
tel.(917) 543-2459.
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Minor repairs

EXECUTING minor repairs: electrician, paint shop, floors, doors, tiles, plumbing, assembly, dismantling, assembling of furniture (929) 245-7018 Dmitry
tel.(929) 245-7018.
07/27/2018 more

Services Handyman

Services Handyman • Painting shop • Bathrooms • Tiles • Doors • Laminate • Clasets 15 years of experience (646) 577-7488
tel.(646) 577-7488.
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Experienced master

Experienced master will carry out painting, small repair of houses, apartments, offices Tel: (917) 670-6200 In Russian (917) 603-1831 after 6 pm
tel.(917) 670-6200.
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WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN ALL KIND OF HOME IMPROVMENT AND HANDYMAN SERVICES . Servicing New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx. Kitchen & Bathroom Specialist! Complete home renovations. CALL ME ANYTIME KUBAT +1 (919) -888-7799
tel.1 (919) 888-7799.
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HANDYMAN / Professional service.

3028589771.Handyman Timoh, with joy will help you with: (Installation and cleaning of window air conditioners) (Installation of TV) (Installation of cornices) (Building sports simulators) (Setting pictures) (Installation of chandeliers, lamps and sockets) (Installation and repair of plumbing) (Installation of wall shelves) (Minor door repair) (Replacing the lock for the same) (assembly ..
tel.(302) 858-9771.

Handyman services

Experienced Handyman will perform work on the house - plumber, electrician, hang up the TV, install the air conditioner, perform installation of home appliances, assembly of furniture, repair of television and computer wiring and much more. I guarantee the quality.
tel.(518) 366-0480.
06/24/2018 more

Handyman services

Handyman with 12 years of experience will perform work on the house, plumber, electrician, hang up the TV or screw the shelf, also perform the installation of home appliances, furniture assembly, laminate installation and much more. I guarantee the quality.
tel.(929) 575-9948.

Handyman all kinds of small jobs.

tel.(718) 838-4625.


Minor repairs, services Call do not hesitate 916-917-84-92 Brooklyn
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repair and handymend

repair work and housework
tel.(929) 202-3777.
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Plumbing services (installation, repair.), Furniture assembly, Installation of something on the wall, Installation of air conditioners, cornices and so on. regular customers discounts.
tel.(302) 858-9771.

Services handyman

Staten Island Small repair, Services handyman Painting, tiles, floors, doors, closets (917) 593-8297
tel.(917) 593-8297.
03/28/2018 more

Master home

Master home High-class Assembly, transportation and repair of furniture Ctroitelnye work (347) 200-7251
tel.(347) 200-7251.
02/13/2018 more