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Selling Wheelchair New. (718) 427-1822

Selling a Brand New Wheelchair. Drive manufactures with all optional accessories. Negotiable price.

I will sell the Air Purifier (Japan). (718) 427-1822

I will sell the Japanese Air Purifier. Cleans the apartment of all possible types of odors, germs and Infections, including COVID-19. Negotiable price.

I will sell Walker on wheels (Rollover). (718) 427-1822

Selling Rollover - Walker on wheels with a seat New. Negotiable price.

Selling Wheelchair New. (718) 427-1822

Selling a Brand New Wheelchair. Drive manufactures with all optional accessories.

Sell Wheelchair Silver Sport 1 from Drive Medical

Overall dimensions: 43.5 "(L) x 24" (W) x 36 "(H); Closed width: 11"; Seat Dimensions: 15.75 "(D) x 18" (W) x 19.5 "(H); Armrest Height: 8" Weight 42 lbs Product Dimensions: 43.5 x 24 x 36 inches; 37 lbs. Powder coated stainless steel frame with nylon upholstery is sturdy, lightweight, attractive and easy to maintain. Urethane tires mounted on composite wheels provide durability and low maintenance; Comes with a push to lock the wheel locks. Soft hands for comfort and a carry pocket on the back provide additional convenience. Foldable rear canes for transportation and storage; Plastic legs

Waxing spa

Selling waxing spa, in very good condition. I give it the gloss in the jars ...

Wilcher "Drive" in fair condition. $ 110

New battery, everything works, clean.

Health, Beauty

I will sell perfumes Magie Noire, Opium, Ispahan. (718) 287-6664

Aloe Vera Dental Gel

Forever Living Products took care of you and created an exclusive product - Forever Bright toothpaste gel. The combination of natural Aloe pulp with bee propolis and a copper-chlorophyll complex, complemented by a bouquet of medicinal herbs, give the paste unique healing properties and a pleasant taste. The high penetrating ability of Aloe provides cleaning of those inaccessible places that are not accessible to the toothbrush. This paste protects against caries and perfectly whitens without destroying the enamel, due to the absence of fluoride. By the end of the first week of using our paste, you will notice that the bleeding of the gums has decreased or disappeared, and your breath has become fresh. The regular use of Forever Bright reduces the risk of tooth decay and the development of periodontitis due to the destruction of bacteria and plaque. Daily brushing turns into a little joy for the whole family, thanks to the mild taste and aroma, and you will also forget about painful sensations. Years of collaboration with scientists and dentists have helped Forever Living streamline the composition of Forever Bright. Your family will surely love this gel. Buy from the manufacturer! Interesting! Call me!

The Essential Keto Cookbook (Physical) - Free + Shipping

The physical version of the Essential Keto Cookbook with over 100 keto recipes, including breakfast, snacks, snacks, desserts, drinks and snacks. Pure carbohydrates, fats, proteins and calories are counted in every recipe. Enjoy recipes like creamy breakfast cereal, buffalo fiery wings, mini hamburgers, jalapeno corn bread, fish tacos, shrimp popcorn and more. The book is 100% FREE for buyers, they just need to pay for shipping. Limited quantities while deliveries last

Royal jelly from the manufacturer at a discount

Looking for a source of youth? He is in front of you - royal jelly, produced by bees especially for the Queen Queen. Our royal jelly is harvested in dry, remote, deserted areas where an environmentally friendly environment is ideal for apiaries. It is removed from the hive and immediately processed to remove excess water, but all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and coenzymes remain. Forever Royal Jelly contains vitamins A, C, D, E ,. B vitamins, vitamin PP, enzymes and volatile. One of the main ingredients is vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). It is necessary for the synthesis and metabolism of proteins, and also plays an important role in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and some hormones. In addition, royal jelly is rich in proteins, contains 18 amino acids, including eight essential ones, and a large number of macro- and microelements. Forever Royal Jelly acts as a natural biostimulant, providing a restorative and tonic effect. It contributes to the normalization of metabolism and blood pressure, increases mental and physical performance, helps to stay energetic and withstand stress. Buy from the manufacturer. Interesting ?! Call me!

Pampers and Diapers

I will sell diapers for adults and diapers

Medical Marijuana Xanax Oxycodone Adderall mdma LSD Meth steroid

Medical Marijuana Xanax Oxycodone Adderall mdma LSD Meth steroid Contact via Wickr ID .... aristovene6


Urgent: this “Medical Survival” proposal will save lives - and you will earn a lot of money. In this pandemic, your clients will still need medical attention, even if hospitals are forced to refuse patients. SurvivalMD - the ONLY market-based survival medicine course written by a real doctor - about how to survive when there is no doctor. A proven offer from the team that brought you Backyard Liberty, Blackout USA, The Lost Ways and Lost Book of Remedies

Buy hi-tech promethazine with codeine

We have available many brand of Syrup, 1. Hi-tech promethazine with codeine 16 oz cost $ 40 per bottle 32 oz cost $ 70 per bottle Our minimum order is 5 bottles for this brand 2. Actavis promethazine with codeine cough syrup 16 oz cost $ 100 per bottle 32 oz cost $ 190 per bottle Buy Actavis Promethazine with Codeine purple cough syrup The Best Of Actavis Promethazine. CODEINE PURPLE COUGH SYRUP, Phenergan with Promethazine Codeine.

Doctoral Survival Doctor Book Home Remedies

In a blocking scenario, this answers the prayers of millions of chronically ill Americans - making you big $$$. Because during a pandemic, your clients still need medical attention, even if doctors have to refuse patients. Survival Doctor’s Home Medication Book is designed and promoted by the respected Dr. John Herzog, 3rd Generation Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Professor at the University of New England School of Medicine. This standalone blockbuster is presented to you by the creators of The Lost Ways, Backyard Liberty, Blackout USA and The Lost Book of Remedies.

Buy Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Oil, CBD OIL, weed, nembutal, diazepam (Wickr: aristovene6)

Buy Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Oil, CBD OIL, weed, nembutal, diazepam Contact via Wickr ID .... aristovene6


The secret weapon in the #Laminine formula is called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). This compound helps the proper stem cells to restore the body's organs back to their natural state where they function at their best. Found in the human placenta, FGF gradually decreases over time. That's when we start to see the signs of premature aging and degeneration. For more info click here: Laminine is a natural super food that contains 22 amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and serves as a source of FGF (fibroblast growth factor) in the human body. Clinical studies have shown a positive effect on physical, psychological, emotional and general health in general.

Medical Lift. hydraulic. $ 100

Almost new, compact and mobile, the company "Drive".

Cleansing and losing weight

The C9 program will help you take the first step towards a leaner and healthier body. This effective and easy-to-follow cleansing program will give you the tools you need to start changing your appearance for the better today! Interesting! Call me!
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