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Tablets from Russia

A friend brought medicines from Moscow, selling surplus. 1. Erythromycin 250 mg, 20 t-1 pack, 2. Erythromycin ophthalmic ointment 1% -4 pack, 3. Cavinton-1 package, 4. Heparin gel-2 pack, 5. Dimexin concentrate 100 ml-2 pack, 6. Ciprofloxacin antibiotic) 500 mg - 1 pack. Phone 917-9713031
08/14/2018 more

The health center requires SNA (CNA)

The Health Center requires SNA (CNA) Work in Brooklyn. Experience is not required. We teach 718-864-0045
08/09/2018 more

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is known far and wide for its numerous health benefits. In the four parts of the globe, people from different countries and culture use the rosemary oil for various reasons ranging from hair benefits to anti aging. Rosemary oil has proven itself as a natural remedy to a lot of the modern world’s problems.
tel.(066) 451-1976. Morning

Tea mushroom / kombucha

I will sell a tea mushroom. $ 5 or I will take a house plant or a book in English or Russian (psychology, self-help, classical philosophy, classical Russian literature). Selling kombucha SCOBY and started liquid for $ 5 or will trade for books (psychology, self-help, classic philosophy, classic Russian lit).

The Red Tea Detox - great weight loss!

This recipe led to my lifelong fat loss: I lost 14 pounds in just a few weeks. The day after tomorrow, I noticed that I'm becoming slimmer, stronger and, more importantly, not hungry, although I burned calories at blasting speeds. In fact, I lost almost 20 pounds, it's only for the first month! This red tea made my body lose unpleasant fat. You can order Red Tea Detox at
05/24/2018 more

assistance in the field of beauty

Design of eyelashes and eyebrows. +1(917)855-0356
tel.(917) 855-0356.
05/22/2018 more

Health, Beauty

I sell Fiji perfume. (718) 672-9780
05/02/2018 more

Health, Beauty

I sell perfume. (718) 287-6664
04/18/2018 more

Tea mushroom

Tea mushroom for sale
tel.(347) 885-2554.
04/06/2018 more

Juvederm Ultra 4 $ 320

Juvederm Ultra 4 $ 320. There is an entire line of Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, etc. and Biorevitalizators 646 9154222
tel.(646) 915-4222.
04/02/2018 more


I will exchange diapers for men's sizes L and XL for disposable diapers. Call: 718-833-0511
tel.(718) 833-0511.
04/02/2018 more

HIV test / Test HIV 1/2, express test for the diagnosis of HIV-1, 2

CITO TEST HIV 1/2, a rapid HIV test from Pharmasko, which diagnoses HIV and type 1 and type 2 pathogens, is a new and ultra-accurate rapid diagnosis system. For the application of CITO TEST HIV 1/2, venous or capillary blood, as well as serum and plasma, are suitable. For reliability, CITO TEST HIV 1/2 is equipped with an internal control system, which indicates the correctness of the analysis and..
03/25/2018 more