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Scottish baby dolly

The sweetest Scottish girl stright highland (ns 25) is ready to move to a new family. It is trained to a tray and a scratching pad, it is processed by age, there is a veterinary passport with vaccinations. Eats premium food. Perfect pedigree data. Date of birth: 15.04.18. Affectionate, playful and energetic, aimed at people. I will answer all your questions.
tel.8 (098) 765-8717.

Scottish Teddy Boy

The Scottish boy is ready to move into a new family as a pet. Accustomed to the tray and kittens, processed by age, vaccinated, there is a veterinary passport. Eats premium food. Perfect pedigree data. Date of birth: 15.04.18. Affectionate, playful and energetic. I will answer all your questions.
tel.8 (098) 765-8717.

Rescue in good hands

09/01/2018 more


Kitten Kittens Selling a Scottish Fold kitten, boy, Scottish fold! Vaccinations by age. TICA. 347-263-5132 (347) 263-5132.
tel.(347) 263-5132.
08/31/2018 more

Scottish Fold Kittens

Sale of plush Scottish lop-eared kittens. Age 2 months. Color blue and striped. To the tray and food are accustomed. Very affectionate and playful! With vaccination.
tel.(718) 775-8783.
08/30/2018 more


Selling kittens from the Canadian Sphynx. (347) 873-3738
08/30/2018 more

For sale Abyssinian kitten

For sale is a very beautiful Abbishin kitten for 3 months. Playful, affectionate, Smart, accustomed to the tray. They are forced to sell because the child has an allergy. Was bought for $ 1000, sell for $ 700
tel.(646) 379-0241. 9176786123 
08/30/2018 more

Scottish beauties for sale

Scottish beauties r looking for their forever loving families Will be ready in the end of September
tel.(917) 687-3750.
08/30/2018 more

Kids are waiting for loving owners!

Charming kittens (1months) are waiting for loving owners. Mama is a half-blood-abyssinian.
tel.1 (347) 634-0710.
08/29/2018 more


Kittens Sold Scottish Fold and Straight Kittens! 347-263-5132
tel.(347) 263-5132.
08/29/2018 more

I'll give in good hands

Charming kittens are waiting for loving and caring owners. Kittens for 5 months, playful, accustomed to the tray. Deliver a lot of positive emotions. Photos are attached. Please call if you are interested. 646-3003862
tel.(646) 300-3862.
08/29/2018 more

Scottish Fold Kittens

Scottish lop-eared kittens are on sale. Age 2 months. Different colors. With the first graft. I'm accustomed to food and a tray. Playful kids!
tel.(718) 775-8783.

I'll give Mishka a Good Hands

There is a very smart and beautiful Cat! Mishka I give in good hands, I must go home to my homeland! I will be very grateful 9177029007
tel.(917) 702-9007.
08/28/2018 more

Canadian Sphynx Kittens

5 Canadian Sphynx kittens for sale. Born 7/7/18. Two rubber bold, one flock, two possible brush. Please e-mail for details and pictures.

shepherd's lop-eared girl

rare okpaca
tel.(347) 601-0099.
08/27/2018 more

Scottish fold kitten

Selling plush kittens! There are SCOTISH FOLD and SCOTISH STRAIGHT Very beautiful colors: blue, lilac and powder colors of babies
tel.(267) 770-0777.
08/27/2018 more

Handsome-groom seeking girlfriend

A charming redhead, Persian, affectionate cat is looking for a girlfriend. It is vaccinated, educated. I will pay every mating. We live in Brooklyn tel. (516) 858-95-52
tel.(516) 858-9552.
08/27/2018 more

Beauty / Black Beauty

Beautiful, intelligent, affectionate and educated Kotya, 10 months old, needs a new home and a loving owner. Brings only joy and luck! Beautiful, smart and kind kitty (male) 10 months old needs a new loving home. This wonderful kitty brings only joy and luck!
tel.1 (347) 634-0710.
08/25/2018 more

Charming Kittens

Charming kittens (1months) are waiting for loving owners. Mama is a half-blood-abyssinian.
tel.1 (347) 634-0710.
08/25/2018 more

Scottish Straight Kittens

We offer gorgeous Blue Scottish Straight kitten, boy. Born 6/25/2018. They are home raised with their parents. Every kitten comes with all the paperwork, which includes first shots. These kittens have very good personality (playful, friendly, and affectionate). They are very good with other pets. We are private breeders and would be happy to honestly answer any of your questions! (917) 971-8837 Le..
tel.(917) 971-8837.
08/25/2018 more
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