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ServicesInsects & garbage

Manhattan Housekeeper

Want a housekeeper in gostinutsu. 7 hours a day. With 10-5. Monday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday. Or 7 days Check from 12 dolars per hour. 305227200 Please do not hesitate to leave the voicemail
08/14/2017 more

Freezing and heating

Freezing and heating - The newest methods of combating bugs Call: 1 (347) 768-4626, 1 (888) 996-9839, 1 (718) 490-8808, And you will forever get rid of those who crawled up to you without asking permission.
tel.(347) 768-4626.
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Fixing through slits.

To the lop and cockroaches can get to you in the apartment through the cracks: -In the baseboards and near the risers. - In door jambs and around outlets / switches. - Ventilation holes in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. WE QUALITAIALLY MAKE WAYS OF ACCESS INSECTS IN YOUR HOUSE. Call now: (347) 744-1124 Dmitry (929) 320-3396 Victor
tel.(347) 744-1124.
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Cleaning of apartments, houses and homesteads at affordable prices. (Brooklyn)
05/11/2017 more

Cleaning Company / Cleaning Company

646.707.8429 Cleaning offices, in the borough of apartments and houses , cleaning after construction After construction cleaning, house / apt and office cleaning
tel.(646) 707-8429.

Who will rid of bed bugs

Who will rid of bed bugs, cockroaches, and other uninvited guests? Call: (347) 768-4626 or (888) 996-9839 and you will get rid of those who come crawling to you without permission.
tel.(347) 768-4626.
04/04/2017 more

Babysitting / Help on domu.Steyten Island.

Effectively and efficiently take away your apartment, home or office. I help with childcare on weekdays at night and in the afternoon.
tel.1 (908) 787-9553.


CLEANING carpets, upholstered furniture In your office or home. mob. (917) 450-4613 Vladimir
tel.(917) 450-4613.
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Office cleaning
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ASTREK, LLC The only company in America, professional dealing with bedbugs and bedbug only • 100% guaranteed destruction • All means of natural (non-chemical) 1 (917) 957-5717 Alex
tel.1 (917) 957-5717.
12/31/2016 more


Removal of any kind of waste Taking the metal. Is free. Commercial. Residential (646) 363-9909
tel.(646) 363-9909.
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