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ServicesInsects & garbage


apartment cleaning (daily, supportive cleaning) deep cleaning organizing the space washing and ironing Great review “Xclean — ultra-efficiency for your perfect space” I speak Russian

Cleaning Service

- apartment cleaning (daily, supportive cleaning) - deep cleaning - organizing the space - washing and ironing Great review Let's get it clean

Professional chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture, carpet

Dry cleaning of carpets, sofas, armchairs, mattresses, etc. Removing stains and odors. Professional hypoallergenic chemistry

Cleaning/cleaning your home

Regular cleaning, deep cleaning. I work with my cleaning products! ❣️discount for first order.❣️ I will also help you organize your wardrobe. Constant cleaning, deep cleaning, working with my own products. The first customer will receive a discount! I also ask you to organize your wardrobe.

Muscle man moving / Brooklyn / Bensonhurst

Need help moving? Need trash hauled? Small moves or big moves ok Need labor help? Call the muscle man asap for the best rates in Brooklyn

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Destruction of insects

Destruction of bedbugs, cockroaches and other insects I work 7 days a week 1 year guarantee The entire apartment and furniture are processed The products are safe for people and animals.

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ECO cleaning without chemicals, cleaning

Our company offers cleaning services for offices, houses, apartments, industrial premises, washing windows and display cases, cleaning floor coverings, environmental disinfection of premises, carpets and furniture (cleaning of offices, houses, apartments, industrial premises, cleaning windows and display cases, floor cleaning coverings, ECO disinfection of premises, carpets and furniture)

Steam cleaning NYC

We offer steam cleaning services for furniture, carpets, mattresses, and car interiors. Pollution of any complexity, including traces and odors from pets. Cleaning is carried out in 5 stages using professional means. 100% quality guarantee. Discounts are available for larger properties. To order, call 347-977-4305


Don’t know how to remove the smell from a sofa, carpet or chair? Or how to clean stains? I specialize in professional upholstery cleaning, using powerful products and equipment to remove stains and odors, leaving your furniture looking fresh and like new.

Fighting cockroaches.

I will help you fight insects in your home. inexpensive .


High-quality cleaning of any room quickly and cleanly


facades, houses, decks, terraces, fences, driveways, sidewalks.
We serve: Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk.
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347-243-5234 • 631-371-9404


Home and Apartment organizer

I create a convenient and logical arrangement of things in the client’s space. I organize different zones: ✔️Closets / Closets / Dressing rooms ✔️Bedroom ✔️Kitchen ✔️Living room ✔️Playrooms/Children’s rooms ✔️Bathroom/Landry ✔️Balcony

Eco Cleaning NYC is an expert cleaning company offering a wide range of professional cleaning services in New York City

Eco Cleaning NYC offers a wide range of cleaning services and the flexibility to fit your lifestyle - let us take the pressure off of you. Our team consists of certified and insured professional cleaners. We are ready to provide steaming and cleaning on the same day. Fixed PRICE and no hidden costs. When ordering a package of any home cleaning services, you are guaranteed to receive a discount. We are not hiring and have no vacancies.

Man with truck moving and rubbish removal

Got garbage that needs to be picked up and hauled away? Need help moving or picking things up? Call muscle man moving in Brooklyn and Staten Island Small to med sized moves available Available 24/7 Best and cheapest rates available


Quality cleaning services. Standard cleaning (weekly). Deep cleaning Cleaning after renting or moving Cleaning after renovation, cleaning before moving in, regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness

Cleaning services

CLEANING SERVICES ✔️ Standard cleaning (weekly) ✔️ Deep cleaning ✔️ Cleaning after renting or moving ➕ Additionally, I wash windows, dirty kitchen appliances, and also additionally clean the pre-house area.
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