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It's time to get or renew your Medicare plan

It's time to issue
or re-register your Medicare plan

Ramzan Magomedov
+1 (503) 704-7532

Dmitry Zinger - Medicare agent

Dmitry Zinger - Medicare agent
Licenses with all major insurance companies

The 2021 AEP season has come - a period when you can purchase new or change existing medical insurance for more profitable ones - with a large number of benefits and cheaper

Free consultation by phone: (914) 980-9022


Commercial truck insurance

Plus Insurance Agency
Commercial truck insurance
(727) 504-1870
email: [email protected]
Call today for a free consultation:
Cargo insurance, Reefer breakdown, Physical damage,
Commercial Primary Liability, General Contractor Insurance, etc.
Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, Illinois, Ohio,
North Carolina, Texas, Washington, Pesylvania



TouchCare serve as healthcare advocacy for individual members, companies and healthcare brokers to ensure you have access to all options and make the best healthcare decisions available. Learn more about TouchCare by visiting TouchCare blog. Learn more about TouchCare on
tel.(718) 964-7255. Morning