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CosmetologyLazer cosmetology

Anti-cellulite procedures

Anti-cellulite procedures, body tightening on LP & VelaShape III, laser hair removal
147 W 35th st.,#202, New York, NY 10001


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aesthetician/laser technician

Wellness Studio located in Manhattan is looking to hire one aesthetician/laser technician for a long-term position. - Must speak Russian and English - Laser experience is preferred but will train - Body (lymph drainage) and facial work (all skin treatments) - Must have aesthetic experience (license) - Following all OSHA guidelines - Flexible schedule, ability to work on weekends Communication skills, punctuality, and the ability to sell and up-sell are musts. Good salary + bonuses! A great opportunity for those who want to grow and achieve great success. Call or text (929) 955-6577 Email [email protected]

A to Z hair removal

Diod laser hair removal best price and excellent results