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Looking for interests

Psychological help. (347) 208-7129

Famous Pregnant spell in United States ,UK to cure infertility ((+27673406922))

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Charity Army Travel invites you on a tourist trip to Cuba. November 26 - December 3, 2022. 4 days in the capital HAVANA, 3 days in the resort of VARADERO. Departure from JFK. With an American passport, a $50 visa is required. With a Russian passport, a visa is not required. Price $ 3000, all inclusive: Air ticket, medical insurance, transfers throughout the route, accommodation in private hotels, 1 or 2 people in comfortable air-conditioned rooms, breakfast meals, excursions, guide services, currency exchange. Places are limited. Call 917 941 9900. Email: [email protected]

Place paid in miamis

From 12 to 18 paid place in May for a girl paid in May in my room for me and 46 195 on the shore .... 34764736 31 for free

Help to Ukrainians

Good afternoon! My name is Oleksandr Vinnikov, I live in Ukraine and I am currently experiencing great difficulties due to Russian military aggression. After the start of the war, my partner and I were forced to flee from the bombing and shelling to another part of the country. We have lost our robots and all means of subsistence, as well as personal belongings. We have the status of internally displaced persons. Now we live in Kyiv, we are forced to rent housing, we need food, personal hygiene products, medicines, clothes, shoes, finances for life. There are some chronic diseases and doctors are needed to treat them. It is very difficult to experience all the hardships of war, to see how people die before your eyes, entire cities are destroyed. I really hope for any help and support from your side, I pray to God and I am sure you will not leave us in such a terrible situation. [email protected] +380974936583

I will buy cheap or accept a mannequin as a gift

I will buy cheap or accept a mannequin as a gift

Looking for those interested in treating Manuka with honey, propolis and mummy

I am looking for a group of people who want to maintain their health with natural preparations (as in nature): Manuka honey of high potency, bee propolis, mummy, beaver stream and deer antlers. All consultations are free.

Manuka honey, Propolis and Shilajit for people like me.

Looking for like minded people over 50 who believe in taking natural products on a daily basis to live longer in a healthy body. I am interested in people who want to know more about the effects of Manuka honey, bee propolis, mummy and Siberian resin in sea buckthorn oil. Only serious people are interested in your experience with these drugs and the protocols that you use.

Looking for interests

Participants are invited to the new scientific and philosophical club. (347) 585-8143

Looking for interests

I am looking for an experienced screenwriter who understands American, French cinema to work together on the script. (212) 470-2128

For a fee, complete I-134

I am looking for a sponsor for the u4u program. For payment! No obligations - we have a friend in the USA (he filled out the form, but there is no answer on it) and enough finances Write to the cart @AellaWW

Help for the disabled! Your participation is very important!

Good afternoon! The initiative group addresses you. Provide sponsorship for the implementation of the project to create a documentary film "Invalids of Russia". The project is social and concerns everyone and everyone, because the project is aimed at helping people with disabilities. The project budget is based on fundraising and donations only. Therefore, we invite you to become a direct participant in the project. Your mercy will be noticed and your name will enter the credits of the film and the history of the world. Details on our website. Watch promotional videos on our channel “CinemaRu” on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel and stay up to date! Link to the channel: Sites: and Video clips: Regardless of the global COVID-19 pandemic, make the right choice and donate. Transfer any amount of money to the bank account below. The basis of the contribution is a donation to the project "Invalids of Russia", to support the disabled. After receiving the money, I will definitely contact you and convey to you gratitude from the society of the disabled and from myself personally. Follow your heart! Bank account: 40817810142003444442 SWIFT code – SABRRUMMNA1 SBERBANK (VOLGO-VYATSKY HEAD OFFICE) NIZHNIY NOVGOROD RUSSIAN FEDERATION Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod, Kerchenskaya St., 18 Beneficiary: SINTSOV NIKOLAY SERGEEVICH

Looking for interests

A woman is looking for friends to visit concerts, theaters, cafes, museums. (929) 503-4223

Looking for interests

August for a week. A woman is looking for a partner for a trip to America. (347) 816-1082

Looking for interests

A woman is looking for art-loving friends to spend her leisure time. (929) 503-4223

Looking for interests

I offer help in resolving life's problems. (347) 208-7129

Accepting investments in cryptocurrency and forex. High-yield investments from 20% per month!

Hello! My proposal is Accepting investments in cryptocurrency and forex. High-yield investments from 15% per month ! Join the group on facebook about high-yield investments. There you will find an offer and contact the administrator about investments in cryptocurrency and several investment programs. The minimum deposit is $100. Investments from 15% per month with monthly payments. We work with payment systems Pyapal. Payoneer. BTC. perfect money. Advcash. ethereum. This is a great opportunity to increase your capital in a short time! Also, for everyone who will make a deposit on your recommendation, you will receive 5-10% of the deposit amount, depending on the size of the deposit. More information you will find in Facebook group : Also you can contact the mail [email protected] Profit to all! Hello ! My offer is Acceptance of investments in cryptocurrency and forex. Highly profitable investments from 15% per month! Join a Facebook group about high-yield investments. There you will find an offer and contact with the administrator about investing in cryptocurrency and several investment programs. The minimum deposit is 100 USD. Investments from 15% per month with payment monthly. We work with Pyapal payment systems. Payoneer. BTC. perfect money. Advcash. ethereum. This is a great opportunity to increase your capital in a short time! Also, for everyone who makes a deposit on your recommendation, you will be credited with 5-10% of the deposit amount, depending on the size of the deposit. You will find more detailed information in the Facebook group: You can also contact [email protected] Profit to all!

Help Ukrainian civilians! Support Ukraine

Hello, my name is Igor and I am a volunteer. Now there is a war in Ukraine and our people need help. I raise funds to help poor seniors who live on a $50 a month pension. If you have the opportunity please help. 1-2-5 dollars per person will help someone a lot! God save Ukraine! Paypal Card number 5168 7427 2705 4300 Mail [email protected] Phone +380635801527 IBAN UA983052990000026207685293395 Payoneer account : Bank name: First Century Bank Bank address: 1731 N Elm St Commerce, GA 30529 USA Account1 number12: 08 4012304770233 Account type: CHECKING Beneficiary name: Igor Sahnevich If You write to me i will send a photos how volunteers help civilians in Ukraine !

Investment in painting

Buy a work of art. How can you profitably invest in the works of contemporary artists and not only? How to buy a painting that will rise in price over time? How not to overpay? What determines the cost of paintings? These and other questions will inevitably arise in front of everyone who wants to complement their interior with stylish modern paintings and make a profitable investment. We will help you make the right choice. For any questions you are interested in, please contact us by e-mail, or by phone for communication, we will be happy to help you .

relax music

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