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THE SUBSIDIARY Sorceress MAG OF THE HIGHEST CATEGORY WILL PERFORM A POWERFUL MAGIC IMPACT ON RETURN TO THE FAMILY'S SURROUND MAGIC VOODU WILL SUPPRESSION WITHOUT WATCHING FOR YEARS LIVING ANIMAL AND CALCULATION - Normal black. 1. Love. It has a slight effect. 2. Cemetery Black love spell - one of the most powerful love spells, has a very strong effect. 3. Sexual love spell - after a love spell, the person will be attracted to you, he will be interested in sex with you. 4. Black wedding - after him, the person can no longer create normal relations with anyone, a family, except you. 5. Sexual Attachment The Desiccant is another form of exposure in love magic. “As I light a candle, so I release the passion in God's servants (names)! Strong feelings and unbridled awaken. Let the mind eclipse the passion, dope, and intoxicating! So that the legs of the servant of God (name) tremble, the lips dry out, and the hands themselves are drawn to the servant of God (name). So that I would become the greatest passion for him, the desire so that to me, as to a dream, be the strongest! Amen". 5. Rejection - the desire for any communication will disappear, irritation and intolerance of being near the object from which they turned away will appear. 6. Ostuda - feelings leave, love falls away, even a strong feeling for a person leaves, and a person without whom there seemed to be no life becomes an empty place. 7. Damage: punishment of enemies, demon demons, for illness 8. Same-sex love spells Consultation on +13476201932 (+79227304400 Viber WhatsApp. Experience over 35 years Protecting the whole family Change your life with magic
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