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Effective weight normalization!

Complex methods of weight loss and rejuvenation of the body.
tel.(929) 666-0206.
07/26/2017 more

X / b pillowcases and towels

New x / b pillowcases and towels, a new mink fur hat.Tel: 908.272.1144
tel.(718) 946-6197. 7189466197 

Footage of flax

Selling flaxen linen, linen towels.Tel: 908.272.1144
tel.(718) 946-6197. 7189466197 

Footage of flax

Selling flaxen linen, linen towels, bath towels x / b, x / b Favricate pillowcases. Tel: 908.272.1144
tel.(718) 946-6197. 7189466197 


Professional designer pattern maker (PROFESSIONAL SEAMSTRESS) I carry out professional repairs, fitting and changing the style, any change of clothes, to order. Work experience is 50 years. I work fast and quality. I work at home tel. (929) 353 8651
tel.(929) 353-8651. 1 (347)702 7884 
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Selling adult diapers and diapers
tel.(347) 522-2621.
06/06/2017 more

Coat for girls

Sells a fur coat with a kapishon for a girl 8-10 646 643 6398
tel.(646) 643-6398.
05/31/2017 more

20000 Dongov

Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) - the founder of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the leader of the August Revolution, the first president of North Vietnam. Cash on delivery.
tel.7 (982) 930-1928.

10 Dirhan

Obverse: Khandjar - traditional Arabic dagger Back side: Farm Watermark: Hawk's Head Issuing Center: Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. 30 $ Sending cash on delivery.

Happy mother`s

Happy mother`s Sunday 14th may
05/05/2017 more

I will help to return the man to the family

REAL MAGIC AID. I will return my husband, wife, remove my rivals, put protection against any influences of other magicians. I will help to cure infertility. I will make a strong rite for money, for good luck in business. On all questions write on Viber or WhatsApp +380964518025, mail [email protected] or Skype [email protected]

Create the dress of your dreams.

Individual lessons on cut and sewing.
tel.(347) 595-1467.
04/23/2017 more

Best gift

The best gift for yourself and for those you love Dresses, skirts, blouses, bathing suits, shawls, scarves, Men's shirts, ties From the art collection of the designer Olga Papkovich prices available Look on the site: And in the fashion magazine: You can be sure that no one in the company, where You will come, there will be ..
tel.(917) 627-5835.
04/07/2017 more


tel.7 (919) 997-4954.
03/14/2017 more

linen sheets

selling linen sheets, metrazhny linen, white patterned pillowcases Highest European, 100% hlopok.evoit on tel.908.272.1144
tel.(908) 272-1144.

Sale of branded clothing and rbuvi

Zakryvaetsya store with sportswear and obuvyu.Bolshoy selection of products from the leading sports brands-Adidas, Nike, Puma, Timberland, CAT .... Everything is on sale, sneakers, suits, shoes and so on.
tel.(718) 349-7599. 7183497599