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Women leaders are with us

Women leaders are with us
The National Federation of Republican Women NFRW is one of the largest and most influential women's political organizations in the country, advocating for critical issues that positively impact and strengthen the Republican Party by recruiting and training candidates and empowering and creating opportunities for women of all ages. nationalities and origins in the political process.



Two graves for sale

Moving out of state and selling two graves in the old cemetery in Queens: Union Field Cemetery (discount price). For info call #646-265-5042

Individual kickboxing training (fitness)

individual training on your territory from the World Kickboxing Champion! All the most effective and interesting things for you!!! 100% result

We are looking for models for free Russian manicure - Manhattan

We are looking for models for Russian manicure for free - Manhattan. It will be done by an experienced master, we are filming for content. Write in PM


Driveway at Ditmas Ave&E7th st

We are looking for models for free Russian manicure - Manhattan

We are looking for models for Russian coated manicure or nail extensions with designs for content. For free. Made by an experienced craftsman. We need models for July 22, 23, 24, 25 at 10am or 2pm.

For sale walker, wheelchair, commode (908) 616-4609

Ocean Pkwy and Ave O

Talented people in our community

Talented people in our community
Recently, a gala event was held organized by the Aelita Club, at which journalist Mikhail Terentyev, host of the popular program “New York Duty” on RTVI US, was presented with a certificate of honor from the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, by the president of the Aelita Club, Leonora Bulycheva.


The laughter and wisdom of Dr. Ruth or simply about the complex

The laughter and wisdom of Dr. Ruth or simply about the complex
I remember her infectious laugh and subtle humor when she spoke simply about difficult things - namely sex - on television. I will never forget, although it was 30 years ago: shortly after my arrival in New York, together with my mother Lagunova Sofia Isaakovna, who was a dermatovenerologist in Ukraine for 40 years, we saw Dr. Ruth’s program for the first time and could not believe that Such topics can be discussed on TV.



I'll take yacht driving lessons

The man will take lessons in driving a small sailing yacht. Tel. (347) 356-0151

Improving the New York City subway experience

Improving the New York City Subway Rider Experience
Improved subway service in New York City—more trains and better service—is a boon for New Yorkers and visitors to the capital of the world.


Car for sale

Lexus 350 RX -2007 (176.60 ml) - $4000 917 293 2246

Scientific library of more than 2000 books for sale

history, psychology, philosophy, history of art, encyclopedias, dictionaries along with cabinets from ikea - I’ll give it all away inexpensively

Affectionate Scottish Straight Tabby girl is ready for a new home

Let's give the kitten into the kind and caring hands. The girl was born on 4.30.24. Healthy☑️

We will sell a Scottish blue-eyed boy for a reasonable price

4.30.24 date of birth Blue Point color, blue eyes The boy is healthy, litter box trained Eats independently For any questions, please call We are located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

DIVORCE simple and complex with or without consent in the State of New York...

* AMEROS NYC * * DIVORCE WITH AND WITHOUT CONSENT WITHIN 10 DAYS WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF THE PARTIES IN COURT * * Affordable prices * 100% work guarantee * Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements * Obtaining a Green Card through Marriage * Green Card through family reunion * For questions Contact for free information: * Tel\ Viber\ Wasp\Telegram: 1-917-8800982 * [email protected]

To good people

Good people, I’m desperate for help, even if it’s not easy for me. I live in Ukraine near the town of Lozova, Kharkov region, where the war with Russia is ongoing. My place is in ruins, rockets and airplanes are flying. Life is scary, there’s no way for me to go. I’m retired, having worked for 36 years as a doctor, helping and treating sick people, and my pension is small. I ask everyone who can help me for a penny to survive. Available for PAYEER rakhunok No. P1003153177. Doctor Valentin Kononenko.

Please respond

I ask you to respond to those who responded to this ad in Russian Advertising I ask you to call or write to me to exchange experiences. 347-234-2449

Ingliz tili, bir havtaga. English in a week.

Speak English! Study foreign languages using the CIA and KGB methods. In a week, even if you don’t know the letters, you will understand, read, speak: ask, answer and deny in American English. Even if you carve out one or two days a week, this will not interfere with learning the language. The main thing is the desire to speak and understand. Phone: 1 - 929 - 609 - 7103
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