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BIBLICAL PROPHECY Only 2 days! 23 and 24 September at 3 pm! (718) 864-3663
tel.(718) 864-3663.
08/11/2017 more

Secrets of the ancient Voodoo religion

Secrets of the ancient Voodoo religion Removing curses, corruption, evil eye, protection, vengeance on his enemies. Voodoo dolls on without the negative karmic consequences. If you encounter intractable problems in his personal life, business, health - call. We are waiting for everyone who is looking for support and needs help. Unconventional treatment. Divination: Tarot cards African Voodoo (..
tel.(718) 714-8110.
07/08/2017 more


FREE TRAINING ON THE HYPNOSIS Treatment and getting rid of failure. 2940 Brighton 5th ST, on Sunday at 12:00 (800) 867-8090
tel.(800) 867-8090.
05/26/2017 more

Mag-parapsychologist Laura!

Laura clairvoyant magician ♦ Official practice for over 30 years ♦ All kinds of divination by Tarot cards, Lenormand Predictions on the palms, photo The strongest magic ♦ Real Results Fast, easy, available, at any distance
tel.(646) 258-7747.
01/03/2017 more

Failures, total luck, fears

YOU PURSUE failure, total luck, fear, betrayal, disease, which doctors could not diagnose? (917) 589-9665
tel.(917) 589-9665.
11/22/2016 more

prophetess Natalia

prophetess Natalia The man from birth who has the ability to aim down one up. For the life of each of us must go through certain tests, what we call a problem, overcome obstacles in order to achieve the goal, and someone without goals it is necessary ... (347) 585-6620 •
tel.(347) 585-6620.
10/31/2016 more

Wholesale Medicine

Premium medicinal Cannabis. Always under $10 a gram and less.
10/25/2016 more

Esoteric Club "Ariadna"

Our lives are filled with stress, leading to failure and diseases. And in moments of despair I want to someone ask for help and support Esoteric Club "Ariadna" (929) 340-1910
tel.(929) 340-1910.
06/11/2016 more