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Real Voodoo Doll to Control Someone Do you have a difficult spouse or partner who is out of control? Or do you have a boss that is always undermining you or just very rough with everyone? Perhaps an enemy unjustly attacking you or slandering you? This might call for a Vodou or wanga doll spell. The dolls can also be made to represent you! Great for self-improvement or to attract money, customers, and luck. Before the doll is made, you will be given a choice to either have the doll answer to me, in which case it would stay in my care. Or answer to you! In which case the doll would be sent to you with instructions. What's the difference between this doll and the rest? For starters they charged/infused for your intentions. Some of similar dolls you might see elsewhere are mass produced and you don't know what is stuffed in these dolls. I add the ingredients to align the energies based on your needs. I petition my spirits to intercede and add fuel to the work. These dolls are made to order, blessed and charged. They are then shipped to you and YOU infuse it with your intention (see above for details). Once you place your order additional instructions will be sent to you in order to complete the work. You will be asked to provide additional information. I caution to use these dolls as ethically as possible.

tel.1 (646) 901-4401. Morning

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