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RITES, SPELLS AND RITUALS Trotsenko Grigory Nikolaevich Rite is a sequence of actions that are of a ritual, symbolic nature. + 7 926 549 21 00 Rites and rituals have different functions: self-determination within a certain group (religious rituals); application for a change in status (initiation, wedding); the use of the language of symbols when addressing higher powers in order to bring positive changes to fate. RITUALS FOR ATTRACTING MONEY AND FULFILLING WISHES Highly effective rituals for luck and good luck Simoron calculator of desires - how Simoron works for work - examples of effective rituals New Year's rituals for good luck and wealth Rituals for the growing moon Simoron for money urgently - a get-rich-quick technique - rules of work and examples of rituals Ritual for raising money at home Rituals and ceremonies for money Rituals and rituals for fulfilling wishes Simoron rituals for raising money are very effective Simoron rituals: very effective and perfectly working Full moon rituals and rituals for fulfilling desires, love and money Rituals and rituals for the new moon - for wealth, love and fulfillment of desires Birthday rituals for money, luck and happiness Birthday rituals - how to spend it correctly, examples Rituals for the waning moon - examples, rules for performing Ritual for raising money at home Rites to attract New money rituals and rituals for the fulfillment of desires Rites for the Trinity for wealth FOR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS Simoron rituals for love and marriage Rite for love: rules and types of love rituals Conspiracies at home to attract a man into your life Conspiracy for reconciliation with a loved one or another person Rites for marriage - magic love spells and conspiracies Rites for the Trinity for marriage ANCIENT RITES Historical rites and customs of the Russian people Pagan and Slavic rituals: features and examples Ivan Kupala Wedding rites and traditions RELIGIOUS Rite of exorcism: all the subtleties of the ritual - how to prepare for it conducting the Trinity Holiday: customs and rituals Baptism of a child in Christianity Rite of baptism of a child in Orthodoxy: rules and nuances How the wedding ceremony was carried out in Russia Effective rituals and ceremonies for Christmas Christening of a girl: rules and signs OTHER RITUALS AND RITUALS Weight loss ritual how to use it correctly Conspiracy from enemies as sp persons of the fight against ill-wishers Conspiracies against rats and mice: getting rid of rodents with the help of magic Conspiracy from the evil eye: rituals for all occasions A conspiracy for salt and its varieties Simoron is an effective way to change your life for the better Rituals for love on the new and full moon Runograms and their value

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