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fast food for sale

fast food for sale
in downtown Queens, in a vibrant neighborhood
• Excellent repair
• New equipment  
Super price


Due to business expansion

Due to business expansion
(laundry, dry cleaning, tailoring, cleaning, etc.)
part of the business is for sale, an option is possible
Working partner.


I want

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Grocery store for sale in Miami

Due to moving to another state
Grocery store for sale in Miami, Hallandale Beach area
Price negotiable


Unique opportunity



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Barbershop for sale

Barber shop for sale in Brooklyn
full time
In the team of manicurists, hairdressers and beautician
(718) 332-8300


For Sale Parcel Business in Queens

Parcel business for sale with good reviews and send to 46 countries around the world. Only serious buyer can buy.

I sell the operating auto detailing center

I sell the operating auto detailing center
• Polishing center
• Ceramic coatings
• Downtown Brooklyn
• Parking for 30 cars!


Selling an existing business


Selling an existing business

Selling an existing business
Auto detailing center
• polishing center
• Ceramic coatings
• in downtown Brooklyn
• parking for 30 cars!


Shoe shop for sale

Shoe shop for sale
at Bay Ridge.
Cheap, low rent, trainable






Room with hood for bakery

Sheepshead Bay
A room with an exhaust hood
bakery, 1200 sq.ft., ready for
work. Or for another business

+ 1 (347) 742-6359


Professional offices in rent

Professional offices for rent, from $600 per month


Beauty salon for sale!

Beauty salon for sale!
Located in the good Bay Parkway area of Brooklyn. Avenue O and West 8
Low rent and 5 year lease and 5 year option
Handle only with serious intentions


Sell Sprinter 2015

Selling Mercedes Sprinter 2015, excellent condition (732) 610-8778

For sale in Marine Park area

For sale in Marine Park area
Kindergarten "Family Group"
working license for 4 years
For more information call Marina
Before 8pm


Completely unique dota 2 roulette script.

Created from scratch dota 2 roulette script (latest backup). - 3 game modes (roulette, slot machine, poker with a dealer). - Personal account with data on the number of games played, referral code and a collection of trophies. - A well-developed system of achievements to involve users in the gameplay. - Localization in two languages. - Convenient admin panel with different variations of admin rights. - Adjusting the site economy through the admin panel. - Display of deposits and withdrawal requests in the admin panel. - Displays the current online and statistics by day/week. in the admin panel (you can track the dynamics of online after commercials). - Completely unique design with animation and parallax effect The site was created a long time ago, now the mechanics of the store has changed on the market. You need to connect to the market through the API. There are specialists who do it not expensive. In our version, images are parsed from the market to the store, when you see a withdrawal request, you buy the skin yourself and send it to the player. In general, this is the only negative that needs to be redone. The script is not for sale on the stream, you will not find it anywhere else. When buying, I will send all files and videos for advertising as a gift. Telegram @psturk1
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