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Translator from Russian and Ukrainian to English, Spanish and Portuguese!!!

Good afternoon. My name is Volodya. I am a certified Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Portuguese translator. I work with written and oral translations. Phone: (347) 764-2587 Volodya Website:

Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows DISCOUNT

Hi all

Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows DISCOUNT

Hi all

Coach consultation.

Hello, my name is Arthur, I'm a coach, and I can help you reach a whole new level of your life: - Cope with anxiety about finances, business, financial and cryptocurrency markets, relationships. - Cope with procrastination, build time management and develop useful habits, find motivation and desire to achieve goals. - Increase income X2. - Work through fears: changing jobs, opening a business, working with cryptocurrency, making life choices. Want to know more? Write to me right now. Together we will make your life better!


The world of cryptocurrency is known for its volatility, where many individuals have unfortunately fallen victim to online scams, losing their hard-earned coins and assets. I too found myself ensnared in this perilous landscape when I became a victim of a fake Telegram crypto investment scheme. It was devastating—I lost all my crypto coins, including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and EthereumMax, amounting to a staggering $244,000. In my desperation, I reached out for help, leaving a comment in forums where victims of similar scams shared their stories. It was there that the group admin pointed me toward MUYERN TRUST HACKER, a cryptocurrency recovery agency reputed for their expertise in retrieving stolen digital assets. With nothing left to lose, I contacted them immediately, providing all transaction details and evidence of my interactions with the scammers. Their commitment to my case was evident as they worked tirelessly to unravel the transactions that led to my losses. Just four days later, a seemingly endless period of anguish came to an abrupt end when MUYERN TRUST HACKER informed me of their success—I was incredulous yet overjoyed to learn that they had managed to recover all my lost coins. The relief I felt was indescribable; it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders. Their swift and effective action not only restored my financial security but also renewed my faith in the possibility of justice within the cryptocurrency realm. This experience has been a profound lesson for me. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication truly saved me and my family from financial ruin. I wholeheartedly recommend seeking the assistance of trusted recovery experts like MUYERN TRUST HACKER—they are real-life heroes in the fight against crypto fraud, restoring hope and security to those who have been wronged. Mail at muyerntrusted @ mail -me . com also on Telegram @ muyerntrusthackertech

Creation of websites, infographics, presentations, business cards, etc.

I create websites, invitations, product cards, business cards and much more. Portfolio available!

Obtaining licenses for businesses and individuals

BUSINESS LICENSES Coordination of documents with competent authorities (administration, customs, chamber of commerce...), ministries (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy, Health, Construction, etc.) Preparation of necessary documentation and submission to industry bodies Obtaining prior permission Tracking updates legislation and regulations Also obtaining licenses in foreign countries. Please check. Who needs Importers/exporters + obtaining quotas and certification of goods, registration of importer/exporter Manufacturers - any production. Food products, chemistry, building materials, electronics. Builders + coordination of construction sites Financial companies, including exchangers, leasing, lending, etc. And any other business Full support at the entire approval stage FOR PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS Obtaining import licenses for any products requiring licensing (cars, electrical appliances, etc.)

Participation in government and commercial tenders

Assistance in preparing, participating in tenders and managing disputes Receiving and processing tender documentation Preparation and submission of tender applications on time. Taking into account the smallest nuances of your industry Assistance in financing for participation in tenders. Registration of bank guarantees and tender loans Assistance in choosing banks and assistance in considering applications for targeted loans Challenging lost tenders, if you think that the law was violated or you do not agree with the results of the tender. Your areas of activity can be any. Both large businesses and medium and small ones. Construction and renovation, supply of goods and services, etc. Also, there is the opportunity to participate in tenders in Europe, Israel, Great Britain (including Scotland, Gibraltar), Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Tenders expand your supply geography. Enter new markets for goods and services.

Software Development for your business

A consulting company in the USA offers software development, as well as the services of IT specialists and work on sub contracts. The technology stack is wide and includes backend, frontend, blockchain, db, solution architecture design, etc.

A professional social worker will correctly fill out

Professional social
the employee will fill out correctly
Forms for receiving benefits:
pension, SSI, housing, food, healthcare
(347) 229-7482


Registration of foreign companies around the world

✔ Registration of companies, holdings, trusts, partnerships and any other structures ✔ Accounting and financial reporting (it is important to submit reports on time to avoid fines) ✔ Tax optimization and reduction of the tax burden ✔ Connection to merchant accounts (to accept card payments) ✔ Obtaining licenses (for any type of activity) ✔ Registration of trademarks and patents (for any type of activity) ✔ Opening bank accounts for individuals and companies ✔ Assistance in entering international markets for any type of activity (international trade, construction, IT, e-commerce, finance etc.) ✔ Delivery of foreign mail directly to your address ✔ Advice on pitfalls when doing business in various jurisdictions ✔ Full support throughout the life of the business ✔ Drafting contracts when interacting with partners, contractors and buyers, taking into account local legislation ✔ Liquidation of companies Reasons to establish a foreign company. ✔ Diversification of income and risks ✔ Civilized business conditions ✔ Absence of state arbitrariness and, as a result, minimization of the risk of business loss ✔ Business is also protected when dividing property (divorce proceedings, inheritance, etc.) ✔ Convenience and profitability of trade and procurement operations ✔ Opportunity to obtain permits for specific activities ✔ Increasing the level of confidence of financial institutions ✔ High level of service, high-quality infrastructure ✔ Opportunity to attract additional financing to your business ✔ Increasing the prestige of your business For more information, please visit

Help for Emigrants / Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian

Work Authorization, Green Card, Citizenship, U for U/UHP, Re-Parole, TPS... Assistance in applying for and supporting Citizenship for the elderly and people in need of care. Applying for Social Assistance: Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Subway Discount, Subsidized Housing, SSI, Pension, Health Insurance, Unemployment and other bureaucratic transactions. [email protected] 917-930-7710, 570-216-2522



Registration of companies, Accounting, Translations, Apostille, etc.

Full range of legal and business services, accounting, taxes. • Registration of LLCs, Corporations in the USA and abroad. • Registered Agent • Certified translations, Apostille • Accounting, Tax Returns for individuals and companies • DBA, Dissolutions, Foreign Qualifications, etc. We guarantee high quality services.

Website development, advertising and promotion!

We offer a full range of services to create and promote your business on the Internet:

Design, Drawings, AutoCAD

Design, drawings of any complexity. Space planning, retail and residential layouts. Kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, railings, etc. 20 years of experience in Architecture, Millworking and Construction. Project Management. AutoCAD, Site surveys, shop drawings. Please feel free to visit my website for samples of my work.

I will create a website to suit your needs!

Good afternoon Do you want to increase sales and attract more customers? I will help you! Services I provide: 1. Website creation: I create responsive and modern websites that attract attention and provide ease of use; I create functional websites from landing pages to online stores. 2. Advertising in Google Ads and Meta (Facebook) Ads: Google Ads: Setting up and managing advertising campaigns that lead to conversions and sales growth; Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram): Attract target audience through social networks, increase brand awareness and interact with customers. My contacts are email: [email protected] Your success is my job! Order your website and advertising today!

Professional Videographer Services

Services of a Professional Videographer. My services include: Event photography (weddings, birthdays, corporate events), Promotional videos for business, Commercial videos, Video editing and post-production. Why choose me: Individual approach to each client, Creative ideas and modern style, High quality of work and meeting deadlines. Sign up for a consultation: [Contact information].

Translator from Russian and Ukrainian to English, Spanish and Portuguese!!!

Good afternoon. My name is Volodya. I am a certified Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Portuguese translator. I work with written and oral translations. Phone: (347) 764-2587 Volodya Website:

Spacious room for rent for beauty services in Manhattan, $1400

Ideal location, clean building for offices and beauty services, with a concierge, ventilation and heating, WiFi, excellent lighting, waiting area for your clients. Price: $1400, all bills included!
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