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Real estateVillas & holiday houses

In the protected community    (New York)

In the protected community in Pocono sold a large house (646) 945-0202

tel.(646) 945-0202.
08/21/2017 more

In Pocono, in a good community    (New York)

In Pocono, in a good community Wild Acres Land for sale Cheap! (646) 701-3075  

tel.(646) 701-3075.
08/10/2017 more

Beautiful cottage for sale    (New York)

Beautiful cottage for sale Poconos Community in the forest Mobile home, 2 bedrooms, living Room, kitchen, toilet, large veranda, Private area, swimming pool, activity for children (201) 887-8322 Sofia

tel.(201) 887-8322.
07/13/2017 more

In the Catskil Mountains, White Lake    (New York)

In the Catskil Mountains, White Lake, in one separate house For sale 2 large contiguous 2 BDR: Each bungalow Swimming pool, lake, big damage and territory in the community Price for quick sale (917) 501-5991 Igor

tel.(917) 501-5991.
07/12/2017 more

Upstate NY    (New York)

Upstate NY Summer cottage for sale - 2 BDR Ask for $ 25K (646) 764-1325
07/12/2017 more

Modern furnished bungalow for sale    (New York)

Modern furnished bungalow for sale Available now Monticello, NY Utilities included. 14.9 acre, 79 family coop. Open May 15 - Columbus Day. No dogs allowed Please call (917) 822-8302

tel.(917) 822-8302.
06/28/2017 more

House for sale    (New York)

HOUSE FOR SALE In the Poconos Hideout Community, 2 hours from New York This is the house you were looking for Quality custom built home, at the corner, cul-de-sac Asking $ 189,000 (917) 887-1331

tel.(917) 887-1331.
06/23/2017 more

Selling a trailer home    (New York)

Selling a trailer house in Pocono, community Advantage Lake 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, large veranda, gazebo. Near the lake, swimming pool, children's playground. Bargaining is appropriate (929) 293-5380

tel.(929) 293-5380.
06/21/2017 more

Sale of land from $ 12,500 and more    (New York)

Ulster Heights Lake. House on the lake 3 bedrooms, 6 acres, garden, garden. $ 198,000 Smallwood Modern house 2/3 bedrooms, Fireplace, basement, bar. Loch Sheldrake Ranch 2 bedrooms, Florida Room The sale of land from $ 12,500 and more. (845) 798-4749 Resort Realty

tel.(845) 798-4749.
06/17/2017 more

Log house in the Cetcilli Mountains    (New York)

It was built in 2011 on an individual project. A view from the windows of a million dollars. 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, high ceilings 9-12 feet. Area 3084 ft. The house stands on 11+ acres of land, with a beautiful view of the mountains and fields.

tel.(607) 435-0470.

Urgently for sale year-round    (New York)

Urgently for sale year-round house In the Catskil Mountains near the lake 1376 sq.ft., 3 BDR / 2 BTH, living room with kitchen, dining room. (718) 594-0219

tel.(718) 594-0219.
06/08/2017 more

Communion    (New York)

Hemlock Farms commune in Poconos House: 3 BDR, 4 BTH, 3000 sq.ft. In a private area, Adjacent to the state forest Charming living room with stone fireplace, loft bedroom. Finished basement with an office space, a pool table and a second fireplace. Large external deck and screen porch Price $ 199,000 (570) 775-9626 Ask Lucille or Romana. We speak Russian

tel.(570) 775-9626.
06/07/2017 more

Summer cottage for sale    (New York)

Monticello Summer cottage for sale in a cozy community (Exit 104) In the house there are two separate bedrooms and a closed veranda. At home there is a place for BBQ (open fire). Behind the house parking for cars. On the territory of a large swimming pool and a comfortable playground for children, tennis courts The closest shops and services are 5 minutes away, as are Shoprite and Super Walmart..

tel.(347) 592-0199.

Summer vacation for the whole family!    (New York)

Summer vacation for the whole family! For sale cheap or summer bungalow in the mountains Pool in the community, For 3 adults and 4 children. All amenities (347) 495-2669 The main advantage is just 1 hour from Manhattan

tel.(347) 495-2669.
06/01/2017 more

Sold separately    (New York)

Sold separately summer bungalow In a small beautiful community with a large swimming pool in 1.5 hours drive Upstate NY 2 BDR, 1 BTH, large Kitchen, glazed veranda - (718) 825-6502 Raisa

tel.(718) 825-6502.
05/26/2017 more

For Sale l Monticello 2 BDR    (New York)

For sale l Monticello 2 BDR bungalow in good condition Closed and open verandas (646) 719-3458 Zina

tel.(646) 719-3458.
05/23/2017 more

Catskills area, Exit 107    (New York)

Catskills area, Exit 107 In a picturesque communal apartment for rent / for sale 1 or 2-room isolated villa With a closed veranda. River, large swimming pool, Forest, playgrounds, etc. (201) 839-7920 • (201) 784-9348

tel.(201) 839-7920.
05/13/2017 more

Pocono    (New York)

Pocono Urgently Sale trailer house In Community Trails End, 2 BDR. Excellent conditions For more information call 1 (917) 886-8243
05/11/2017 more

Cottages for sale in Pocono Mitford, PA    (New York)

Cottages for sale in Pocono Mitford, PA Lake Adventure community 2 bedrooms, sleep 6, Next to the pool, lake and club. There is a barn Selling lot and trailer in Pocono Lake Adventure community, Pocono Milford, PA 2 BDR, sleeps 6, next to pool, lake and club house $ 16,000 price negotiable (347) 371-2214 Lena

tel.(347) 371-2214.
05/11/2017 more


PENNSYLVANIA HEMLOCK FARMS Vacation Homes and Full-Time Living Kira Rozman, REALTOR (917) 763-5098 Cell (570) 775-4000 Office

tel.(917) 763-5098.
05/06/2017 more
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