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I am looking for an investor / not bad, constant profit, and you will not lose the money invested. /. 347 634 7376. VLADIMIR


Looking for an investor 347 634 7376. VLADIMIR


I am looking for an investor. 347. 634. 7376. VLADIMIR


I am looking for an investor. Details at the meeting. 347 634 7376. VLADIMIR


I am looking for an investor. Details by phone. 347 634 7376. VLADIMIR

I am looking for investments in an innovative technology for the processing of vegetable raw materials (straw)

Hello dear gentlemen! I am from Kazakhstan, my name is Vitaly. I have developed an innovative technology for the processing of vegetable raw materials - the hydrolysis of wood-fiber matter with carbonic acid. Patented in the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result of the technological process, I get environmentally friendly lignin, with a lignin content of 65%. The properties of this lignin are not fully disclosed - there were not enough funds. I got hydrocarbons from it (pure gas - hydrogen, liquid fuel - an analogue of diesel fuel and activated carbon in the remainder, which can be used as biological fertilizer). Also, this lignin can be used as a catalyst for increasing the calorific value of coal briquettes. When adding 1% to the briquettes, they flare up with increased calorific value. From this lignin it is possible to produce a new generation of board material. When changing the conditions of the hydrolysis reaction, and adding a catalyst in an amount of 0.3%, the entire mass is converted into a fluid state, which makes it possible to manufacture products by hot extrusion. The material is obtained intermediate from the wood-fiber and mineralized state. There are still many unknown properties of my material. But already from the obtained properties it is possible to apply in the economy. In Kazakhstan, this is impossible due to high corruption, I went around all the instances here, up to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I am looking for investors to implement my project. The country of implementation of the project does not matter to me. I'm ready to work even on Mars!


2.01% APY   12 months CD


I am looking for a business partner to share in a profitable business

Hi guys, I have contracts ready for infrastructure projects in different states, but there are not enough working machines to implement all the volumes. I am ready to take a person into business for a share in this stable and profitable business on very, very favorable terms! You can enter from $40,000 for 1 car. At the same time, I take care of everything: -staff -contracts -equipment -management -reporting and payments The payback is very fast: 6-8 months further is the net profit. At the same time, until the machine pays off, all the money goes to you in a 100% share. That is, I myself am interested that you fight back first. Everything is official, I am a contractor for a number of companies, we will sign all contracts without any problems. Legally, no problems and pitfalls. I am looking for a reliable partner who is ready to enter with money, write to the PM, we will meet if necessary

I am looking for an investor to buy a house for a hostel