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dog training in brooklyn

Dog trainer offers dog training services in Brooklyn. We will teach your pet all the rules of obedience and life in a big city. Behavior correction. Individual approach. Convenient class schedule. Advice on raising puppies. A full course of training will allow you to fully walk and communicate with your pet. All telephone consultations are free and without obligation! (347)543-5654 Pavel


Im looking for a job as a dog sitter. (929) 528-1399


I'll look after your dog. (929) 528-1399


Selling Scottish kittens, accustomed to everything. (718) 390-7500


I'll give the cat into good hands. (929) 339-9263


I will buy a miniature dachshund, a boy. (718) 986-8328


Selling exotic kittens, inexpensive. (347) 475-4737

Scottish straight and scottish fold. Brooklyn

Brooklyn NY 11223

Tricolor kitten girl

Let's give it to good, kind hands who love animals very much, a tricolor girl kitten. Call 718-838-8636. Tamara

For sale

Scottish and British kittens. Fold-eared straight-eared. There is a boy! Age 1.5 months. Brooklyn New York. For any questions, please contact us in PM!

Sphynx kittens are looking for a new home

Sphynx kittens are looking for a new home. Born 05/26//2024, litter box trained, eats dry food. You can come and have a look. For more information call 929 3394116.

I'll give away the kittens

I'll give away the kittens. 2 months. Girls. tel 5512755626

I'll give the cat to good hands

Grayish-beige-brown cat, needs a good and responsive owner or mistress, sterilized, with all vaccinations (excellent at catching mice) Contact phone: + 1 (239) 595-6187 We kindly request Only Text messages, do not call)

Scottish fold and straight kittens

Fold-eared and straight-eared kittens. 8 weeks old, ready to go, eating food and going to the litter box. Vaccinated

For sale

Scottish fold kittens for sale! 7 weeks old, playful, kind, affectionate and litter trained!

Animal photographer in New York

If you want bright photos of your pets, I will do a unique photo session for your four-legged friends. I offer family photo sessions with pets, advertising photography for nurseries, and you can also order photography for your dog’s birthday or other interesting event with the participation of your pet.

Scottish fold and straight eared kittens

Scottish fold and straight-eared kittens. Date of birth May 20, 2024.
Checked by a veterinarian, with documents from Animal hospital, guaranteed to be healthy.
The kittens are litter box trained and eat dry food.
From $300 to $600.
Also, a purebred British shorthair cat from the cattery is open for mating (invites a bride),
the father of these kittens, color silver-blue (last photo). Experienced cat, large, 15 lb.
Call: 917-545-5541


I'll give it to good hands

We are looking for kind and caring parents for domestic kittens. The kids eat on their own, drink milk, are litter trained, and treated for fleas and parasites. Contact, playful, will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Tel (917)530-4058

Scottish fold and straight eared kittens

Charming Scottish kittens are waiting for their parents. Born on May 23, they were examined by a veterinarian and vaccinated. For any questions please call 646-209-1457

Pomeranian puppies looking for a new loving

Pomeranian Spitz Pomeranian puppies are looking for a new loving home that they can move to in the near future. Upon departure, the puppies are vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed several times and provided with a pedigree! We'd love to contact you for more information about babies and pricing! They are men and women
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