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Margaret tietz

Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Our employees are therapists for rehabilitation, working individually with each patient, using the most modern technologies and equipment, until complete recovery. Our goal is to achieve the maximum functionality of patients, to help them return to their homes as soon as possible.
Office: (718) 298-7806 • Mobile: (718) 810-3997



With us retirement plan transfer from work (401K, 403B, Roth IRA)
into an individual retirement account (IRA) is much easier
2747 Coney Island Ave., fl 1, Brooklyn, NY 11235



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Wanted Stock Boy / Delivery Boy to Pharmacy Brooklyn (Part-Time)

A pharmacy in Brooklyn requires

Stock Boy / Delivery Boy (Part-Time).

Knowledge of English and Russian is required.

Previous work experience is encouraged.

Good salary and friendly atmosphere.

Convenient location.

For more information call: (718) 339-3500.


IDCC Multidisciplinary Medical Center



Emma masters




We fit patients for custom foot orthotics. Custom foot orthotics are superior to what we all see in the drugstore or online because they are made specifically for your individual foot. Yes, there are common foot pathologies that which certain orthotic types may be beneficial for. But having an orthotic that is produced based on a 3-D image or a mold of your foot is far superior to any store bought..
tel.(212) 378-9991. Morning

Cosmetic Foot Surgery

The reasons vary why people want to get cosmetic surgery. It’s understandable why face-lifts are in such a big demand or why you may want a tummy tuck to show off a sculpted figure. On the other hand, it may be a little more baffling why you might want to have better-looking fee Think about it, though. If you wear sandals, spend a considerable amount of time barefoot by the pool or at the beach..
tel.(212) 389-1886. Morning


A hysteroscope is a thin tube with a light on the end that can expand. Surgical instruments can be passed through a hysteroscope. Your OBGYN can use the device either as a diagnostic tool — that is, to aid in an examination on the way to making a diagnosis — or as a functional tool to aid in a surgical procedure. Hysteroscopy refers to any procedure, diagnostic or functional, for which your do..
tel.(212) 389-1904. Morning
11/16/2020 more

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery The advent of technology allowing for minimally invasive surgical procedures has opened a new door into the medical future. We no longer have to fear the presence and pain of large surgical scars as we used to for so many procedures. The invention of particularly effective methods of robotized minimally-invasive surgery such as the “da Vinci” surgical system has revolutionized ..
tel.(732) 640-5316. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery in New Jersey Obesity is recognized as a chronic, progressive disease that’s not always the result of a lack of discipline. Genetic factors, your environment and psychological makeup play a role in excessive weight gain. Obesity is a serious health issue that comes with a multitude of side effects. But when continued dieting proves fruitless, you may becom..
tel.(732) 640-5316. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Skin Discoloration

When your skin changes color either darker or lighter, or to some other shade of pink, blue or red it’s not necessarily a sign of a medical condition that you need to get treated. Patchy skin discoloration, on the other hand, can signal other, more serious problems. The best way to ensure that you’re taking appropriate steps when you see skin color changes is to make an appointment with your M..
tel.(212) 427-8750. Morning
09/16/2020 more


Botox is an injectable product derived from the botulinum toxin. While it stems from the same microbe that can give you botulism, it’s completely safe in its modified form when administered by a medical professional, such as your New York dermatologist. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2002, Botox has helped thousands of men and women look better and feel better abou..
tel.(212) 378-9984. Morning
09/16/2020 more


Prolozone treatment is a non-invasive form of therapy that utilizes ozone gases to treat various joint and musculoskeletal ailments. The name Prolozone was made out of the combination of the Latin word ‘prolix’ and ozone. As the name suggests, this prolozone therapy treatment works through the saturation of oxygen to the problem area, promoting the regeneration of damaged tissues. Basically sp..
tel.(718) 222-4888. Morning
09/16/2020 more


Dermal Fillers As we age our skin naturally loses subcutaneous fat, causing facial muscles to work closer to the skin’s surface, resulting in crow’s feet and smile lines to be significantly more apparent. Other external environment factors also have an effect on the skin such as sun exposure, and loss of facial volume leading to the stretching of the skin. Dermal fillers are mostly comprised..
tel.(718) 222-4888. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Wrist Pain Treatment

You can hurt your wrist in countless ways. And once you do, your ability to do almost everything is greatly diminished. Additionally, diseases and medical conditions can affect this small but vital joint. With interventional pain management in NYC nearby, you don’t have to live with the wrist pain. Come in for a complete diagnosis, get an effective pain treatment and leave feeling like a new per..
tel.(212) 224-9555. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Pelvic Pain Treatment

Pelvic pain can disrupt so many areas of your life — from being able to sit comfortably to enjoying intimacy, from urinating without pain to doing everyday tasks while on your period. While pelvic pain in women is more common, pelvic pain in men is just as ubiquitous. The causes of pelvic pain vary widely, so rely on the expertise of knowledgeable pelvic pain specialists for a firm diagnosis and..
tel.(212) 224-9555. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Pain Management NYC

Pain Management NYC is a full-service pain control center that uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in the United States and is considered the best pain management clinic in New York. When you visit with a complaint of pain, youre assured of getting the best pain care possible because it all starts with an accurate diagnosis by our Ivy League trained NYC pain specialists. But that..
tel.(212) 224-9555. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Ankle Injury

An ankle injury can range from being mildly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. When it’s minor, your ankle injury treatment often consists of rest, ice, compression and elevation, as prescribed by your NYC sports pain specialist. Swollen ankle injury treatment may consist of surgery if you have a torn ligament or broken bone. No matter what you need, you’ll get the best treatment for ank..
tel.(212) 621-7746. Morning
09/16/2020 more

Knee Injury

A swollen knee can signal either that your knee is just be overused and in need of rest or that you are exhibiting a symptom of a more serious knee injury. Your pain relief doctor NY treats common knee injuries and provides swollen knee treatment and knee injury treatment to get you back to your normal activity level as soon as possible. To prevent further complications, don’t put off treatment ..
tel.(212) 621-7746. Morning
09/16/2020 more
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